Travel from Oymyakon to Yakutsk via Tyoply Klyuch


The distance from Oymyakon to Yakutsk is about 1000km and requires two full days by car, with an overnight in Tyoply Kluch. Again, wonderful frozen mountains, valleys, lakes and rivers, taiga, where everything is white. A visit to a meteo station is also included.

Driving in the siberian taiga
Driving in the taiga forest over frozen tracks.
A frozen river in Siberia

Crossing a bridge over a frozen river. Due to the temperature staying below -20 centigrades (and reaching often -50) for many consecutive weeks in winter, everything is frozen.
Meteorological weather station, Siberia
Meteorological weather station, Siberia Meteorological weather station, Yakutia
A meteorological weather station in Siberia. This meteorological weather station is run by two people in shifts of over one year, when, because of the isolation, they will encounter only really few people. There are instruments to check temperature, humidity, winds, snow depth and temperature and precipitations. The data is sent out via morse code.
Meteorological weather station, Yakutia

Instruments to check the temperature and the humidity.
How the hot water behaves in very cold weather? We make a nice experiment, throwing in the air a glass of boiling water. The temperature is -43 centigrades today and, in such cold, the hot water explodes into a cloud of vapour and ice crystals.
Stuck in the snow Stuck in the snow
With really few cars driving here, because of the extreme environment and the great distances, this isn't a good place to get stuck. Often, the cars can be removed only when spring comes.
Siberian winter
Taiga in Siberia Taiga in Siberia
Taiga in Siberia

Incredible while landscape. Driving in the wonderful landscape, where everything is white.
Another bridge on a frozen river.
Winter in Yakutia

The quantity of ice over the trees increases near water sources, like rivers and lakes.
Winter in Yakutia
Driving on a frozen river
The bridge on this river is damaged, but in winter it isn't a problem to drive OVER the river!
Another rainbow in clear sky, created by ice crystals suspended into the athmosphere.
Sunset in Siberia
A beautiful sunset.
Sunset in Yakutia

Mountains' tops illuminated by setting sun.
Tyoply Klyuch

In Tyoply Klyuch we are hosted by a family, having also a nice lemmon tree and cats.
The following morning the trip to Yakutsk continues.

We cross another town, sometimes with thick fog generated by cars and heat sources..
An house completely frozen because of breakage of the heating system. There isn't nothing that can be done to revert the situation, but the family will have to wait for the next spring to use their home again.
Driving on a frozen river in Yakutia

Crossing another frozen river ...
Yakutia, Sakha, Siberia, Russia, Snow, Winter
Yakutia, Sakha, Siberia, Russia, Snow, Winter
...before arriving in this nice village.
Yakutia, Sakha, Siberia, Russia, Snow, Winter
Top left: a cowshed. The cows know that when they want some water, they have to go outside, walk to the frozen lake in front of the town and drink from a hole in the ice. This is done automatically, without anybody accompanying them.
Yakutia, Sakha, Siberia, Russia, Snow, Winter
There are no water pipes in this village, but the water reservoir throughout the winter is ensured by these blocks of ice cutted from the lake in November. Each family has blocks assigned, when they need some water, they just drive here to pickup the ice.
Yakutia, Sakha, Siberia, Russia, Snow, Winter
The last colorful sunset. It is now time to say goodbye to this fantastic, amazing and incredible journey in this land, so big and so unknown by the people living outside here.

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