What to see in Abu Dhabi

December 2014 

Are you looking for information on Abu Dhabi? This interesting city of the Emirates, may be visited as a day tour from Dubai (although staying two days will offer a more complete view) has a beautiful mosque (Sheikh Zayed), a theme park dedicated to Ferrari cars (Ferrari World Museum), a large shopping center and other attractions which certainly worth a visit.

Sheikh Zayed mosque
Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi is the eighth largest mosque in the world, the place can accommodate up to 40,000 faithful and is also one of the major tourist attractions of Abu Dhabi in the Emirates.
Sheikh Zayed Mosque
Mosque in the Emirates
The mosque of Abu Dhabi is dedicated to Sheikh Zayed, whose body was buried here. The structure is made up of more than 1,000 columns, 80 domes and four minarets.
Abu Dhabi mosque
Photos of Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi and its large inner courtyard.
Great mosque of Abu Dhabi
More photos of Sheikh Zayed Mosque, with details of the numerous domes, the big porch and the vast inner courtyard.
Mosque of Sheikh Zayed

In the Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi there are prestigious marbles, bas-reliefs and beautiful inlay work.
World biggest chandelier
The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is known for hosting one of the largest and heavy chandeliers in the world.
Chandelier in the mosque
Biggest chandelier in the world

The interior of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque with beautiful chandeliers, domes and colonnade.
Abu Dhabi beach
The tour in Abu Dhabi continues relaxing for a few hours on a beautiful public beach, not far from the downtown skyscrapers.
Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi (Emirates)
Pictures of Abu Dhabi: the beach and the downtown skyscrapers as a backdrop.
Abu Dhabi Heritage Village
The Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi is a reconstruction of a traditional village in the UAE, where you can find local crafts and observe various aspects of life in the desert.
Marina Mall Shopping mall in Abu Dhabi
The Marina Mall is a large shopping center in Abu Dhabi that, although it is not comparable to the malls of Dubai in terms of size and number of stores, it is certainly one of the main attractions of the city.
Abu Dhabi Ferrari World Ferrari World Museum
Another important attraction in Abu Dhabi is the Ferrari World Museum, actually a large amusement theme park, dedicated to the world of Ferrari.

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