Uganda safari tour
Game drives and gorilla trekking in Uganda

August 16-29, 2010

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Suggested itinerary for a safari in Uganda including gorillas

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A typical trip includes game drives to Uganda national parks and jungle trekking to search for mountain gorilla and other primates. This Uganda tour starts with an excursion to Murchison Falls national park, the beautiful fall onto Victoria Nile, interesting not only for the landscape, but also for the typical wildlife represented by giraffe, hippo, buffalo, elephant and hundreds of different bird species: this place, like most other national parks in Uganda, is indeed an excellent destination for ornithologists looking for a birding trip in Africa.

From the Nile river falls, our Uganda trip continues to Kibale rain forest national park, a protected area where, by different grade treks in the jungle, it's possible to meet the Chimpanzee and other primates. The next stop of our safari to Uganda, where we have many game drivers, is Queen Elizabeth national park and its Isasha sector, a drier place in Uganda, looking like more the typical african savannah, rather than the lush rainforests covering wide areas of Uganda. A cruise in the Kazinga channel becomes one of the most beautiful excursion during this journey to Uganda, as we spot hundreds of hippos and buffaloes, as well as other savannah wildlife and countless birds, immersed in a beautiful landscape.

Continuing to the south, we come close to the Uganda country state line with Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo, into Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park. In this dense jungle, after treks of unpredictable length and grade, we meet the rare mountain gorilla in its natural environment. Most of the world's mountain gorilla population is concentrated only here. Unfortunately this amazing primate is very endangered due to gorilla hunting happened in the past and because of forest destruction caused by human activities. Luckily these animals are now very protected and a special permit is required to visit them by a guided day tour in the rainforest.

On the way back to Entebbe, we stop for one night near the wonderful lake Bunyonyi. The last Uganda game drive is done around lake Mburo, searching for zebra and more wildlife, before crossing the equator line and going back to Entebbe airport where a British Airways flight from Entebbe to London, brings us back to Europe.


During the trip we had a Toyota landcruiser 4x4 with driver acting also as a guide expert in ornithology. The vehicle was just for us (the group was composed only by two passengers). Due to the conditions of the roads, we do not recommend to hire a vehicle and drive by your own, unless you are very experienced about this kind of trips. For accommodations, we chose the option giving the best price / quality ratio, which ranged from "essential" to "near-luxury", but in any case always comfortable and well placed in the context of the landscape. If you would like to travel to Uganda completely worry-free, you may communicate your itinerary to a local travel agency and they will take care of all the details, including the permits for the various national parks and the gorilla permit.

This Uganda safari has been organized through Acacia Safaris, a tour and travel company offering safaris in eastern and central Africa. We have chosen an itinerary from the many available and everything was pre-arranged by the travel company, in a completely "worry-free" travel style, starting from the 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser with a driver / guide, in addition to all the accommodations, tickets and permits for the national parks, ending with the food where necessary. We thank you Acacia Safaris and our guide Sunday for this wonderful trip to Uganda.


The best season to travel to Uganda is between June and September or between December and March, when it rains less. Anyway, please consider that Uganda doesn't have a real "dry" season, so rains are always possible even during the best time to travel. Temperatures are instead very mild and pleasant year-round, without any extreme.


Tourism in Uganda is growing thanks to the wilderness and the presence of mountain gorillas, which you can find only in very narrow areas of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Safety conditions have constantly improved over the past years, however, we recommend to consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country of residence, for up-to-date information on security conditions in Uganda.

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Murchison Falls Travel from Kampala to Murchison Falls and boat tour below the falls <<-- GO
The first day of our trip to Uganda is spent traveling from Entebbe airport to Murchison Falls National Park via Kampala, by 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser. An excursion to the top of Murchison Falls is followed the next day by a small boat cruise on Victoria Nile to the base of the falls, looking for hippos, drinking elephants, buffalos, crocodiles, colorful birds and other typical Ugandan wildlife.
Buffalo Game drive safari in Murchison Falls National Park <<-- GO
Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda is the home for a great variety of typical african savannah animals, in addition to hundreds of birds, some of them very rare. During our game drive safari in Murchison Falls National park, we have spotted many baboons, giraffes, several types of antelopes, buffalos, elephants, hippopotamus, warthog, river warthog, vultures, eagles and many other birds. We have missed only the lions.
Chimpanze trekking Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale National Forest <<-- GO
Traveling from Murchison Falls to Kibale forest requires almost one full day, because of the bad roads. The Kibale forest national park in Uganda, is an excellent place to see the chimpanze in its natural habitat and we are lucky enough to meet many of them, just after a few minutes trek in the rainforest. We overnight near Kibale inside a fantastic resort build along an ancient volcano crater containing a blue lake inside.
Hot springs Tour to Semiliki National park inside the African Rift Valley <<-- GO
Another long day drive on very bad roads, traveling from Kibale forest to the next destination of our Uganda safari tour: Queen Elizabeth National park. Along the way, we stop in Semiliki (or Semuliki) park, in the middle of the great African Rift Valley, interesting for hot springs and a rainforest hosting many primates, frogs and snakes. Semiliki is one of the youngest national parks in Uganda.
Queen Elizabeth game drive Queen Elizabeth and Isasha sector game drive safari <<-- GO
A Game drive safari in Uganda would not be complete without a tour to Queen Elizabeth National Park and its Ishasha sector. This park, in western Uganda, is dominated by a drier savannah featuring small hills, ancient volcanic craters containing salt lakes, majestic Euphorbia trees and many animals. Unfortunately, we found several area of the park damaged by fire and, due to the uncommon hot and dry days, we don't see any lion.
Hyppos Kazinga channel cruise sightseeing hippos, buffalos, elephants and birds <<-- GO
Uganda is not just gorilla and chimpanzee, but the country offers a tremendous variety of wildlife, including many rare birds, as well as amazing landscapes changing from drier savannah to rainforests. A cruise in Kazinga channel, in Queen Elizabeth Nation Park, has given us the opportunity to see hundreds of hippos and buffalos, drinking elephants, nile crocodiles, impalas and countless birds immersed into a landscape of rare beauty.
Uganda Gorilla Gorilla trekking in Uganda to Bwindi impenetrable forest <<-- GO
A gorilla trek is probably one of the most important reason for which tourists visit Uganda. Indeed, meeting the gorilla in their natural wilderness is an experience that cannot be forgotten. Our gorilla trekking is made in Bwindi Impenetrable forest in southwestern Uganda, near Rwanda, where we have met a large gorilla family with its silverback, several females and many cubs, including a small gorilla baby just three weeks old.
Lake Bunyonyi Bunyonyi lake tour in southern Uganda <<-- GO
With its 29 islands, some of which inhabited, the small Bunyonyi lake, located at 1950 meters above sea level and well 900 meters deep, offers a picturesque landscape that shouldn't be missed during any tour to Uganda. The lake is the home for many unique birds and is the ideal place if you are looking for a birding trip to Uganda. Overnight is possible on the mainland, but also on luxurious resorts built directly over the islands.
Leopard Mburo lake safari and birding trip <<-- GO
Mburo lake, together with Kidepo valley to the north, is the only place where to see the zebras in Uganda, and we see many of them, sometimes playing just in front of our car. Thanks to the expert eyes of our guide, we see also a beautiful leopard, a very rare event, as this animal is very shy. A cruise on lake Mburo has offered many birds, including some of them that can be found only here.

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Wildebeests crossing a river Trip to Tanzania - safari in Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire and more <<-- GO
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