Kazinga channel cruise sightseeing hippos, buffalos, elephants and birds

August 22, 2010 

Uganda is not just gorilla and chimpanzee, but the country offers a tremendous variety of wildlife, including many rare birds, as well as amazing landscapes changing from drier savannah to rainforests. A cruise in Kazinga channel, in Queen Elizabeth Nation Park, has given us the opportunity to see hundreds of hippos and buffalos, drinking elephants, nile crocodiles, impalas and countless birds immersed into a landscape of rare beauty.

Boat on Kazinga channel
The Kazinga channel is a natural stream of water 32 kilometers long, connecting lake Edward with lake George in western Uganda. Because of the rich wildlife, the Kazinga channel is one of the most interesting place to visit during any safari to Queen Elizabeth national park. A relaxing cruise of a couple of hours, lets to see hundreds of hippos, buffaloes, elephants and other typical ugandan wildlife, immersed into a spectacular landscape. Most animals come here from the surrounding savannah, to drink and to search for some fresh grass.
The papyrus abounds along the shores of Kazinga channel and everywhere the water is not too deep.
Nile crocodile Crocodile
We soon meet an enormous Nile crocodile, a formidable predator often difficult to be distinguished between the vegetation.
A buffalo.
Hippopotamus cub Baby hippopotamus
Hippo cub Baby hippo
Hippo calf Hippopotamus pictures.In these hippos pictures, we are very lucky to see an adult hippopotamus together with its very small calf, out of the water in the middle of the day. The hippos have a very sensitive skin, so they normally avoid the sunshine, to stay immersed into shallow waters.The hippo baby is so cute, and he doesn't leave the mother for a second, as she offer the best defense towards the many possible predators.
Kazinga Buffaloes in Uganda
Buffalo herd Buffalo with calf
Buffalo pictures. The cruise into Kazinga channel, in western Uganda and inside Queen Elizabeth national park, continues along the shores of this natural river, where there are large herds of buffaloes.
Nile monitor lizard
We see a giant Nile Monitor Lizard ( Varanus niloticus ), the biggest lizard that can be found in Uganda and thru Africa. It feeds largely on eggs, fishes, insects and some bigger animal too.
Uganda Crocodylus niloticus
Nile crocodile pictures: we see another big crocodile resting near an herd of buffaloes.
Buffalo and crocodile
This enormous buffalo seems to turn well away from this threatening Nile crocodile.
Hippos Hippos in tnhe water
Kazinga channel in Uganda Hippopotamus
Uganda safari

More hippo pictures. During the safari in Kazinga channel, we continue to see dozens (perhaps hundreds) of hippos.
Warthogs River horthogs

River warthogs are also very common. As the grass is very low and their neck is very short, they have to eat by folding their knees. They are so cute and odd! The river warthog can be distinguished from the common warthog, as they have shorter tusks and longer hairs.
Drinking elephants Eating elephant
Elephant in Uganda Uganda Kazinga Channel
Kazinga channel cruise Kazinga channel cruise in Uganda
Elephant Elephants
Elephants pictures. Elephants abounds as well, because they come in Kazinga channel from the surrounding savannah, to drink and to eat some green vegetation.
Buffaloes herd Uganda

More buffaloes pictures. We continue to see herds of buffaloes having a rest along the shores of Kazinga channel.
Plegadis falcinellus Mycteria ibis
Phalacrocorax carbo Cormorants
Saddle-billed Stork White pelican
Heron African fishing eagle
African Fishing Eagle picture ( Haliaeetus vocifer )
Fishermen town Kazinga channel in Uganda
Uganda Fisherman boat

The cruise into Kazinga channel ends near a small fisherman town, where people live together with elephants, hippopotamuses and cormorants.
Fishing in Africa

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