The sand dunes and deserted beaches along the south coast of Socotra

26 and 27 February 2014 

The south coast of Socotra, on the shores of the Indian Ocean, has many secluded beaches often accompanied with large dunes formed by winds that blow on the island in the summer. Many of these beaches are completely deserted, without any other tourist or local people.

A goat grazing on the cliffs in front of a beautiful sea.
Deserted beach in Socotra Socotra deserted beach

The south coast of Socotra, which overlooks the Indian Ocean, is full of wide sandy beaches that are completely deserted and very picturesque.
Mateef beach Mateef beach in Socotra
Beautiful beach Beach without tourists
The large beach of Mateef in Socotra along the southern coast of the island.
Mateef in Socotra Indian ocean
Huge beach Very wide beach
Immense beach

A walk in Mateef reveals a very wide beach and fine sand, where I have not encountered any other tourist.
The terminal part of the beach has a series of low dunes created by wind.
Climbing a sand dune

With a sun approaching the sunset and thenks to the cooler temperatures of late afternoon, I decide to climb a beautiful sand dune.
The sand is very fine and you can climb the dune completely barefoot, starting from the beach.

The long shadows of the evening brings out the shapes on the sand.
Sand dune
Natural arch
Other small beaches in front of steep cliffs, shaped by wind and water.
Luciano Napolitano
The tour along the beaches of the south coast of Socotra continues with a short hike along Hayf sand dunes.
Sand dune
Sand dunes
Sand dunes in Socotra
Sand dune in Socotra
Driving on sand dunes
Pictures of sand dunes near Hayf village in Socotra.
Socotra sparrow
The Socotra Sparrow, a very common bird found anywhere on the island.

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