Excursion to Momi plateau in Socotra and into the canyons below

25 February 2014 

The plateau of Momi in Socotra is interesting because of the presence of numerous Adenium obesum and other endemic plants of the island, as well as for the beauty of the landscape where you can find also spectacular natural pools on a bottom of a canyon.

Momi plateau in Socotra hosts a large number of blooming Adenium obesum.
Flowers of Adenium
Blooming Adenium

Some blooming Adenium obesum in Momi, Socotra.
Luciano Napolitano
More pictures of Adenium obesum in bloom.
The goats graze among Adenium obesum in bloom.
Caralluma socotrana
Caralluma flower

A beautiful Caralluma socotrana with two bright red flowers.
wadi Kalysan in Socotra
With an easy trekking from Momi plateau, I reach to the wadi (canyon) below.
A small rural village inhabited by shepherds who live on the green pastures of these valleys.
Natural pools

Once down into wadi Kalysan, I trek along a river bed having large white boulders and nice natural pools.
The canyon's walls are instead populated by Adenium obesum and other shrubs.
Natural pool wadi Kalysan

The bottom of the wadi Kalysan canyon hosts several natural pool, where you take a bath, swim, or maybe take the opportunity to wash some clothes.
Picture of wadi Kalysan in Socotra.
Canyon in Socotra

After a little relax among the natural pools, the trek continues hiking back to Momi plateau, among trails offering spectacular views.
The walls of the canyon of Wadi Kalysan.
Cucumber tree Euphorbia
Some succulent plants found into wadi Kalysan canyon in Socotra. On the left picture, a cucumber tree. On the right picture, an Adenium and an Euphorbia spiralis.
Succulent plant in Socotra
A succulent plant that grows in the shade of a rock.

Once back on Momi plateau, I find myself once again surrounded by large Adenium obesum in bloom.
Blooming Adenium obesum
Cave man
I am honoured to meet "the cave man" so nick-named by the locals because he is living alone in a cave here from many years, only with the few resources that the nature offers.
Tonight we camp near this beautiful Dracena cinnabari on Momi plateau, where I take a picture of myself under the tree to give a sense of scale.
I do a short trek (easy) climbing an hill in the immediate vicinity, that hosts trees of frankincense, Adeniums and dragon blood trees.
Momi plateau
A Dracena cinnabari with a curious shape.
Photo of Momi plateau in Socotra shoot from the top of a hill.
This Dracena cinnabari has lost part of its canopy. Of the dead part, only the "skeleton" can be found on the ground.

Photos of Momi plateau in Socotra.
Big spider
In Socotra I have not seen dangerous animals: even this big spider is actually totally harmless.
Incense trees

Coming down from the plateau of Momi on 4x4 car, heading to the southern beaches of Socotra, I see many trees of frankincense.
wadi Dfaarho

The trip by 4x4 car continues through wadi Dfaarho canyon, where there are natural pools offering a good opportunity to relax and to have a bath.
Crossing of the bottom of wadi Dfaarho in Socotra.

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