Tour to ancient roman city of Leptis Magna and then to Tripoli

14 October 2007 

A short flight over the Sahara desert brings us back from Sebha to Tripoli, from where we get to the ruins of the ancient roman city Leptis Magna, one of the best preserved Roman empire city in the world. A short hike in Tripoli's suk follows.

Settimio Severo gate, Leptis Magna, Libya

Leptis Magna was an important city of northen Africa, founded by Phoenicians in the 10th Century BC and conquered by the roman empire during the 2nd century BC, with the purpose to create a new Rome in the african continent.In the pictures, the magnificent gate dedicated to Settimio Severo, a roman emperor born in Leptis Magna.
Thermal, Leptis Magna, Libya
The thermal areas with pools at different temperatures and a sauna.

Beautiful spots in ancient Leptis Magna.
Latrine, Leptis Magna, Libya Latrine, Leptis Magna, Libya
The latrine.
Forum, Leptis Magna, Libya Forum, Leptis Magna, Libya

The forum containing thousands of findings and some reconstruction.
A bar with a stone table.
Cathedral, Leptis Magna, Libya

The magnificent cathedral.
Bizanthine gate.
The market, Leptis Magna, Libya The market, Leptis Magna, Libya

The market and, bottom-left picture, a system used to weigh out the goods.
The theatre, Leptis Magna, Libya
The theatre, Leptis Magna, Libya
The theatre.
A panoramic view on Leptis Magna. Most of the ruins are still buried into the sand blown for hundreds of years.
Amphitheatre, Leptis Magna, Libya Amphitheatre, Leptis Magna, Libya
A magnificent amphitheatre.
Tripoli medina Tripoli suk, Libya
Back to Tripoli, we have a short walk in the downtown (medina), visit the huge suk (market).
Tarabulus suk, Libya

The souk in Tripoli, deserted because of the last days of Ramadam.

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