Libya Acacus desert Traveling to Acacus massif from Sebha <<-- GO
A long day trip by 4x4 from Sebha to the Acacus mountains. Stop in Germa, Ubari and Al Uwaynat to buy the last provisions and register our Libyan visa to the local police office.
Acacus, Libya Camping in the heart of Acacus in the Sahara desert <<-- GO
After the first night in a tent (or under the stars for somebody) we penetrate into Acacus canyons with our 4x4, reaching the deepmost parts of the Sahara desert.
Cave paintings Archaeological sites in Acacus: how the Sahara was before becoming a desert <<-- GO
A full day exploring the Acacus canyons where ancient rivers, now totally dried, were running and where lots of paintings and archaeological findings were discovered. The graffiti show how the Sahara was, before it changed to a desert.
Acacus From Acacus to Ouan Kassa sand dunes by 4x4 <<-- GO
Last trips inside the Acacus to discover additional paintings and graffiti, before reaching the huge sand dunes of Ouan Kassa.
Sahara desert, Libya From Ouan Kassa to Murzuk sand dunes (erg) <<-- GO
Once out from Ouan Kassa, we cross a desolate flat of black stones, before reaching the majestic dunes of Murzuk, made of pink, orange and yellow sands.
Shara desert expedition The archaeological sites of Wadi Mathendous <<-- GO
Trekking inside the bed of an ancient dried river, where beautiful archaeological findings dated about 8000 years ago were discovered.
Driving on sand dunes Traveling to Ubari oasis <<-- GO
From Murzuk we go back to Germa to buy additional provisions and to get some fuel, before visiting the ruins of ancient Germa and proceeding to Ubari oasis.
Sand dunes, Sahara desert The salt lakes of Ubari oasis: water in the desert! <<-- GO
A full day going up & down on the sand dunes on foot and by 4x4, discovering the salt lakes of Ubari oasis. In the evening, we go back to Sebha, where our desert adventure ends.
Leptis Magna, Libya Trip to ancient roman city of Leptis Magna and to Tripoli <<-- GO
A short flight brings the group from Sebha to Tripoli, from where we reach the ruins of ancient roman city Leptis Magna. A short hike in Tripoli's suk follows.