Grande Terre Grande Terre: New Caledonia by car <<-- GO
The main island of New Caledonia is the ideal place to explore extreme seascapes among an unspoilt nature hosting many endemic species that cannot be found in other parts of the world.
New Caledonia capital Noumea: vibrant capital in the Pacific <<-- GO
Noumea, the only gateway and the main administration centre of New Caledonia offers a nice coast, a huge aquarium museum and a series of atolls where visitors can get to by short boat rides.
Ouvea - Loyalty Islands Ouvea: immense beach and crystal clear lagoon <<-- GO
Ouvea offers a 16 miles long beach of fine white sand that can be walked barefoot for its whole length. A crystalline-clear lagoon, constantly changing with tides and daylight, offers the perfect backdrop for this authentic tropical paradise.
Mare - Ile Loyaute Maré: raised atoll between sandy beaches and dramatic cliffs <<-- GO
Maré is a raised coral atoll, where dramatic cliffs and Araucaria trees make a backdrop to white sandy beaches and turquoise lagoons reach of marine life, perfect to relax for all day.
Island of Pines Isle of Pines: natural swimming pools among Araucaria forests <<-- GO
Are we hiking on a tropical island or among the Alps? This is the question that arise while walking among the trails on Isle of Pines, where forests of Araucaria columnaris, a tree very similar to a pine, make a unique landscape together with white sandy beaches and natural pools of turquoise waters.