Photographic equipment for underwater pictures

The photography equipment used during this trip to the Maldives, including camera and underwater case, is not very obsolete. However, you may still find here useful info on Olympus C5050 and PT-015.

Olympus camedia C-5050
Olympus Camedia 5050
An excellent digital camera, with a 5 megapixel sensor and a super bright f 1.8 lens, 35-105mm. Works in totally automatic mode (point and shot) as well as in manual (*every* camera's function can controlled by the photographer, like any professional reflex). I use it also to take panoramic pictures (because it is easier and cheaper, if compared to traditional film) and in any difficult condition where it is important to preview a picture immediately after a shot. Thanks to its very bright lens, it is easy to take pictures in interiors without using a flash (useful in museums, where flashes are often not permitted).
Underwater case PT-015 for Olympus C-5050
Underwater case PT-015
Specifically created for the Olympus C-5050, can be used to to bring the camera underwater, up to a depth of 40 metres, or in any weather condition. Very robust and reliable, has a series of buttons and levers to control *every* camera function's (you can also play your pictures underwater!) and has a double O-Ring to increase the reliability furthermore.
Canon Powershot A70
Canon Powershot A70
A compact, good 3 megapixel camera, that can be carried inside a pocket. It is useful to take pictures from small spaces (for example, form the aircrafts) or where may be difficult or unconfortable to use the bigger Olympus 5050.

The equipment is integrated with additional lenses (wide angle and tele), a professional external flash (not for underwater use), flash bracket, tripod, polarizer filter, neutral density graduated filter and a series of step rings which let me to use all the lenses and filters on either Olympus or Canon.

A portable CD recorder, stand alone (no PC required) lets me to burn the CDs on place (it accepts the memory cards directly and burns the CD with a single button press), giving me a virtually unlimited picture capacity.


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