Emirates A330 at Maldives airport Getting to Thudufushi via Dubai and Male (Maldives) <<-- GO
Depending on where your home country is located, the journey to the Maldives may involve a long flight that could be either direct or connecting via one of the many hubs, like Dubai. This trip review illustrates a flight from Italy, my home country, all the way to Thudufushi, via Dubai and Male.
Thudufushi resort, Maldive islands The island of Thudufushi, Ari Atoll, Maldives <<-- GO
Sun, sea, sand. In this section we have collected all the images related to the outdoors life on the island of Thudufushi, a small dot of sand in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the circumference of which can be hiked in a few minutes. We remind that the photos are from a journey made ​​in year 2004 and that in the following years, Thudufushi has undergone various processes of transformation.
Thudufushi, Ari atoll, Maldives Thudufushi Island Resort review <<-- GO
In this section you will find pictures of Thudufushi island resort, including photos of the rooms. Please note, once again, that the images are from a journey made ​​in 2004 and after that year, the structures have been totally refurbished and overwater bungalows were also built in the lagoon.
Snorkeling in the Maldives Snorkeling in Thudufushi lagoon <<-- GO
A collection of photos of tropical fish that that can be found in Thudufushi's lagoon, often under just a few inches of water in front of own room. Although these pictures are from Thudufushi, you can still get a general idea of what to expect even from other Maldivian islands and their resorts.
Maldive's reef Snorkeling around Thudufushi reef <<-- GO
Thudufushi island's reef can be reached through 2 easy passes, by just swimming from the beach, and can be circumnavigated for about 2/3 of the island's circumference. Although the reef has suffered the effects of El Nino current in the late 90s, the corals are slowly recovering and the underwater landscape is nice.
Deserted island, Maldives Excursion to deserted island <<-- GO
At only 25 minutes of navigation by dhoni boat from Thudufushi, there is an uninhabited island which offers good opportunities for a nice picnic and great snorkeling on the nearby reef. In the Maldives there are many deserted islands and most of the resorts offer day trips for those who wish to spend a day unlike any other.
Athuruga island, Maldives Excursion to Athuruga island resort <<-- GO
Half-day excursion to Athuruga, the island regarded as "twin" of Thudufushi. Includes a complete tour of the island on foot and some snorkeling around the reef, which has different features than Thudufushi's. Even Athuruga has undergone major modernization after 2004, therefore, these photos do not reflect the current situation.
Clown fish, Maldives Snorkeling by dhoni boat from Thudufushi <<-- GO
Within just a few minutes from Thudufushi by dhoni, a traditional Maldivian wooden boat, there are additional reefs to be explored when you are tired to snorkel all the times around the island. These tours allow to see more fish and different underwater scenery, and they are offered as optional excursions (sometimes free of charge) by most resorts.
Scuba diving in the Maldives Discovering scuba diving in the Maldives <<-- GO
Among the various tours available in Thudufushi, there is also the classical "test dive", a short and easy dive that can be done also by beginners not having any previous experience, under the supervision of instructors who will ensure safety. All the equipment is provided by the diving center on the island and is included in the cost of the tour.
Underwater case Olympus PT-015 for C5050 Photographic equipment used for underwater pictures <<-- GO
After seeing the underwater images on this web site, you might be wondering what camera equipment were used. Although this trip review dates back to 2004 and the equipment used is now obsolete, in this section you will find information on the camera and its underwater case carried during snorkeling and diving excursions.