Holiday to La Digue (Seychelles)

April 23-26, 2003 

Are you looking for information on La Digue? In this section of you will find lot of information about La Digue, including attractions and not to be missed places. La Digue is a small granitic island belonging to the Seychelles group and is best known for its beautiful Source d'Argent beach, although there are many other places that worth a visit, thanks to the spectacular landscapes.

Flight Mahe Praslin by Air Seychelles
How to get to La Digue? The trip has started this late morning with a flight from Alphonse to Mahe, from where I boarded the Twin Otter in the above picture, bound for Praslin. Once on Praslin, a taxi driver has carried me to Praslin dock, from where the ferry to La Digue departs.
Ox cart on La Digue Ox cart on La Digue
Upon my arrival to La Digue, I arrange a transfer from the dock to my guesthouse by ox cart, one of the official means of transportation on this island (the other is the mountain bike, cars are few).
La Digue island
I soon start to hike to Anse Source d'Argent (about 8 km roundtrip) and before arriving, I see a beautiful church.
Anse Source d'Argent
I finally arrive to Anse Source d'Argent, an idylliac beach characterized by huge granitic rocks, nicely sculptured by the water and the wind.
Anse Source d'Argent
Anse Source d'Argent beach
Photos of Anse Source d'Argent beach in La Digue, Seychelles. An enormous rock illuminated by the sun at the sunset, creates a pleasant contrast with a storm in the distance.
Anse Source d'Argent beach
Anse Source d'Argent beach
The tide is currently high and the water fills almost every space between the rocks.
La Digue beach - Seychelles islands
La Digue beach - Seychelles islands
More pictures of La Digue. The rocks illuminated at sunset are even more beautiful. On the right: tall palm trees find their way between the rocks.
La Digue beach - Seychelles islands
Other palms growning between the granite rocks.
La Digue beach - Seychelles islands Anse Source d Argent
The water is very calm and crystalline-clear today.
Anse Source d Argent
Granite blocks of different sizes, "grow" here and there.
Anse Source d Argent
Anse Source d Argent
Palms and other trees can be used to repair in the shadow, after a relaxing swim.
Giant Aldabra tortoise Giant Aldabra tortoise
The next day, I rent a bike, as this is the most convenient way to move around on La Digue, then I go back to Anse Source d'Argent to see the beach under a different light condition. Before reaching the beach, I stop for a while to see a large group of giant Aldabra turtles, inside the Union Estate.
La Digue beach
I'm back to Anse Source d'Argent. Enormous rocks create small, secluted beaches, in the spaces between them.
La Digue beach
La Digue beach La Digue beach
Anse source d'argent Anse source d'argent
Thanks to the almost clear sky and to the intense sunlight, the colors of the water are even more beautiful.
This beach is protected by a reef, so the water is usually very calm and quite warm.

Blocks of granite of different shapes, emerge here and there.
Copra factory
I then take a short tour of the Union Estate, a copra and vanilla factory. On the left, a wooden mill working by ox. On the right, a heap of coconuts ready to be worked.
Ancient cemetery Ancient cemetery
The old cemetery.
Roads on La Digue
In the afternoon, I decide to move to Grand Anse, about a 20 minutes trip by bike. Above and on the left, the typical streets on La Digue.
Roads on La Digue
Shortly before reaching Grand Anse, I see a beautiful lake, totally covered by waterlilies and other acquatic plants. The vegetation is so dense, that it is difficult to belive that under the leaves there isn't solid soil, but just water.
Grand Anse - La Digue
I finally arrive to Grand Anse. Here there isn't any reef or barrier, thence the powerful Ocean's waves discharge their energy directly on the beach. Perhaps for this reason, the sand is super fine here and also very clean.
Grand Anse - La Digue
Grand Anse - La Digue
Huge waves and strong currents make swimming here an activity not for the beginner. On the right, a nice dog walking on the beach.
The next day, I will explore the east and the north coast of the island, by bike. I start taking a picture of some typical fruit: on the left, a breadfruit, on the right: banana.
Banana tree
Ox cart taxi
On the way, I see an ox cart carrying people on the island.

I drive for about 5 chilometers, until the road ends and is replaced by huge blocks of granite.
I take a short walk between the rocks, where there are a lot of fossilized form of life. On the right, a mollusc, still living.
A dolphin swims in deeper waters.
Beach on La Digue
On the way back, I relax for a copule of hours at Anse Patates, a beautiful beach with several rocks and many coconut trees.
Although the overcast sky, the colors of the water is still very saturated.
Vanilla flower

Finally, I explore a trail inside the forest in the center of the island. The vegetation is very dense and would be very difficult to hike outside the maintaned trail.
La Digue vegetation La Digue vegetation
The last day on La Digue starts with a 1-hour trip by bike and on foot to Anse Cocos. The trail is quite easy and crosses a dense forest of palms and other vegetation.
Sensitive mimosa
Mimosa pudica or "Sensitive" Mimosa. The leaves of this plant are peculiar because they react if touched, closing between themselves (as indicated by the arrow on the top of the picture).
Anse cocos beach
I finally arrive to Anse Cocos, a large beach of fine white sand. Unfortunately, the grey sky makes the colors less vivid, anyway the warm temperature let the people to bathe and to swim, without problems.
Anse cocos beach
Anse cocos beach
Granite rocks can be found at the end of the bay.

Sometime the waves here are quite high and powerful, although not as I've seen at Grand Anse two days before.
Anse cocos beach
On the way back, I see a big honeycomb.
Anse Petite, La Digue
Petite Anse, on the way between Anse Cocos and Grand Anse. I'm now going back to my guesthouse and then to the dock, for my late afternoon ferry to Praslin, where I will spend the next two days.

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