Gazzelles Getting to Sahara desert from N'Djamena <<-- GO
Getting to Sahara Desert from N'Djamena requires three days of travel in a 4x4 across the Sahel, among endless plains, small villages and dry river beds where gazelles, fennecs, jackals and other animals can be often seen.
Cathedrals of sandstone Ennedi plateau: canyons and cathedrals of sandstone <<-- GO
The southern gate to Ennedi and Sahara desert will impress the visitors for the extreme landscapes dominated by large sandstone cathedrals and pinnacles of rocks shaped by millions of years of erosion.
Rock paintings Rock paintings and petroglyphs in the Sahara desert <<-- GO
Several thousands of years ago the Sahara was totally different from now and it was the home to lot of wildlife, rivers and lakes. Such humid period is testified by rock art, consisting in lot of rock paintings and petroglyphs left by ancient populations.
Canyon in the Sahara Guelta of Archei: canyon, oasis and dromedaries <<-- GO
Well hidden among the mountains of Ennedi, the oasis of Archei fills the bottom of a narrow canyon between dramatic walls of orange rocks. The nomadic and semi-nomadic shepherds lead their dromedaries, sheeps and goats here to let them drink, in a scene among the most beautiful of all Sahara.
Pinnacles of rock Pinnacles of sandstone in the Sahara <<-- GO
Along the margins of Ennedi massif, the rocks are strongly eroded by atmospheric and chemical agents, taking extreme and odd shapes. In an incredible and surreal landscape, we will observe these sandstone rock formations closely.
Sand dune in the Sahara Mourdi depression and Derbili sand dunes <<-- GO
Proceeding to the north and leaving the Ennedi massif behind, the landscape changes completely to a vast expanse of sand dunes typical of the collective imagination when thinking to a desert.
Sahara desert oasis Lakes and oases of Sahara desert <<-- GO
The lake system of Ounianga is an extraordinary network of fresh and salt water lakes of various sizes, surrounded by lush palm trees, where there are also several human settlements isolated from the rest of the world.
Sandstone rocks Katam lake, Yoa lake and Bichagara sandstone formations <<-- GO
Retracing our steps south to get back to N'Djamena, we cross the last Saharan environments, among dunes, lakes, sandstone formations, archaeological sites and remains from the war between Libya and Chad fought during the 80s.
People of Sahel Villages and people of the Sahel in Chad <<-- GO
To get back to N'Djamena from Sahara desert, we travel along a different route from the one traveled during the outward journey, between more rural villages living on farming: an interesting opportunity to have a look in the everyday life of the Chadian people.