Lofoten tour by car from Svolvaer to Reine

24, 25, 26 August 2007 

The Lofoten islands are an archipelago north of the arctic circle in Norway, characterized by oddly-shaped mountains with dramatic sides falling straight into the Arctic ocean. The islands are populated mainly by fisherman living on stockfish industry.

Lofoten islands, Norway
A short Wideroe flight from Bodo brings us to the Lofoten islands. The first stop is in Leknes. Despite the latitude, the Lofoten islands are served by a dense network of flights operated by 37 seats Dash-8, by buses, ships with optional car transportation and the islands are also connected by long bridges, as well as submarine tunnels. I have a long experience about arctic travel, but I've never seen before such efficiency at the same latitudes in other parts of the world.
Lofoten islands, Norway
A Wideroe Dash 8 - 100 at Svolvaer, Norway
The airplane overflies a town before landing in Svolvaer, our today's final destination. Here, we rent a car so we can visit the islands with more freedom.
Lofoten islands, Norway
Lofoten islands, Norway
Lofoten islands, Norway
We start driving towards the north-west corner of the Vagan island, along the E10 starting and ending in Svolvaer.
There are also nice white beaches.
Svolvaer, Lofoten islands, Norway Svolvear, Lofoten islands, Norway
Hurtigruten cruise ship (fjord cruise) at Lofoten

Before night, we are back in Svolvaer, where we hike on the dock. The ship on the left is an Hurtigruten (fjords cruise) calling at Svolvaer late in the evening.
Rica hotel, Lofoten islands
The first overnight is at Rica hotel in central Svolvaer.
Lofoten islands, Norway
The following morning we start driving towards the Aa town, where the road ends. Along the way, many bizzarre-shaped mountains and wonderful white sand beaches.
A vast colony of birds.
Lofoten islands, Norway Lofoten islands, Norway
Here the road ends and it is not possible to drive furthermore. We are now close to Aa town, onto Flakstad island.
Aa, Lofoten islands, Norway A, Lofoten islands, Norway
The houses in Aa, many of them with the traditional frameworks used to dry the cod into excellent stockfish.
Rorbu, Lofoten islands, Norway
Our rorbu (rorbuer) in Reine, the traditional fisherman house, used for tourists throughout the summer. On the right, a view from the dining room.
The rorbu has a dining room, a kitcken, a bathroom and two bedrooms in a very charming and warm atmosphere.
Rorbuer, Lofoten islands, Norway
Fisherman houses, Lofoten islands, Norway Reine, Lofoten islands, Norway
Reine, Lofoten islands, Norway Reine, Lofoten islands, Norway
Reine, Lofoten islands, Norway

Views onto Reine and the surrounding beautiful mountains.
Lofoten islands, Norway

Driving on a secondary road departing from the E10 near Reine.

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