Oslo day tour

20 August 2007 

Oslo will be probably your gateway city to Norway and, although it may be a quite chaotic if compared to the other cities in Norway, it worth a day tour among the museums and to the nice Frognepark.

Oslo, railway station
The central railways station (Oslo S) in Oslo.
Oslo downtown Oslo downtown
Hiking the Karl Johans Gate, the main pedestrian street.
A nice garden along the Karl Johans Gate.
Oslo, The National theatre
The National theatre.
Oslo, the university
An university.
Oslo royal palace (slot)

The royal palace in Oslo, surrounded by beautiful gardens.
Frognepark, Oslo, Norway
Frognepark (known also as Vigelandsparken or Vigeland Sculpture Park) is a vast green area with gardens and beautiful statues which, through 671 different characters, tell the various phases of the life.
Sculpture park, Oslo
Sculpture park, Oslo
Oslo, the obelisc
In the middle of the park, there is a huge monolitic sculpure 17 meters tall, surrounded by 36 groups of other sculptures.
Sculpture park, Oslo
Frognepark, Oslo
Frognepark, Oslo
Hiking the residential streets in central Oslo.

Cochs Pensjonat hotel in Oslo, where we will sleep this night, is located about 25 minutes walk from Oslo S railway station.

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