Day tour to Comino from Gozo by private boat

10 August 2014 

Are you looking for information on Comino? In this Comino travel guide you will find how to organize a private excursion to Comino from Gozo or Malta, avoiding the big boats containing lot of tourists and not allowing to visit Comino in depth. Comino is one of the most beautiful place in the Mediterranean sea, thanks to the fantastic Blue Lagoon, a natural pool which looks like more a tropical paradise, rather than the Mediterranean sea.

Jet boat
How to get to Comino? Comino is just a few miles away from Gozo and Malta and can be reached in a few minutes by boat from both islands. In Comino there are no airports and the tiny island, just 3 square kilometers wide, is essentially uninhabited, except for a resort where you can stay if booked well in advance. During our holiday in Malta we have chosen to reach Comino from Gozo for an half-day tour, renting a private boat with its crew, to our exclusive use. Renting a boat is the best way to explore Comino, as this solution allows to fully enjoy the beautiful place, planning the route and the stops accordingly to own preferences, without being subjected to rigid timetables and routes imposed by large boats carrying hordes of tourists. There are several tour operators in Gozo and Malta that offer the possibility to rent boats and crew for private tours to Comino and we chose Xlendi Watersports, upon recommendation of a travel agent found at the main port of Gozo, in Mgarr (we are very happy about the service provided).We advise against group tours to Comino, especially in high season, because in most cases you will end up into a crowded large boat that will not let to visit Comino with the time and peace of mind that the beautiful place really deserves.
Beach umbrellas

The first part during our boat trip to Comino, is spent hiking this small beach overlooking the famous Blue Lagoon. The umbrellas are very close, as Comino is visited by thousands and thousands of tourists from all corners of Europe and Malta itself. When to go to Comino? The best time to visit Comino is from May to June and from September to October, when the number of visitors is reduced exponentially, but the weather still suitable to swim (during fall the sea is warmer than spring).
Comino beach
Photo of the small beach of fine white sand, overlooking the Blue Lagoon in Comino. The setting is spectacular: a few other places in the Mediterranean offer this beautiful landscape, which seems to belong to distant tropical countries.
Blue Lagoon Comino Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon in Comino Malta
Photos of Comino and pictures of Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is located between Comino and the tiny island of secondary Cominotto, a few minutes by boat from Gozo and from the north end of the island of Malta.
Swimming in the Blue Lagoon in Malta (Comino island).
Vegetation in Comino Comino and Gozo
The hinterland of the island of Comino is rocky and with only flat bushes (left picture). The island of Gozo, with the city of Victoria, is visible in the distance (right picture). Comino is largely uninhabited, but there is still a resort for those wishing to spend a few days on the island, without being forced to commute from Gozo or Malta.
Yacht Comino cruise
Photos of Comino. The island of Comino is reached daily by dozens, if not hundreds of boats of all sizes, often from people living in Malta, who spend the weekend in these waters. Other boats are rented by tourists, while others belong to tour operators offering group excursions to Comino.
St. Mary tower in Comino
The coast of Comino is mostly rocky, with cliffs falling into crystal clear waters. On the left picture we can see the tower of St. Mary, a small fortress dating back to the seventeenth century, part of a chain of towers also present in Malta and Gozo.
Comino sea Lagoon in Comino
Comino island Comino (Malta)
Cruise to Comino Comino lagoon
Photos of Blue Lagoon in Comino. More pictures of the Blue Lagoon in Comino.
Blue Lagoon excursion Tourism in Comino
During the months of July and August, Comino is approached by hordes of tourists arriving in the Blue Lagoon, packed like sardines on various types of boats. Several tour operators offer day trips to Comino from Malta and Gozo, but often limiting the trip only to the Blue Lagoon, without the ability to take a walk on the mainland (for example, to see the magnificent view from the top) or to completely circumnavigate the island. We suggest, as already explained, to charter a private boat to Comino from Gozo or Malta.
Therefore, we continue the tour to Comino with "our" boat, and after a trip to the Blue Lagoon, we begin to circumnavigate the island.
The cliffs of Comino, often punctuated by caves and tunnels that open onto the crystal clear sea.
Hole in the rock
Tour to Comino
During the circumnavigation of Comino, we stop from time to time, to swim among crystalline waters.
Cave in Comino
The base of the cliffs and caves that open up here and there, offer an enchanting setting where you can swim among the crystal clear blue color created by sandy bottom.
Suspended boat
"Flying boat"
Crystal clear water Cristalline sea

Still more photos of Comino, along the east coast accessible only by boat. In places like these, you can drop anchor and relax for swimming or snorkeling.
Comino grotto
The darkness of a cave, with a small beach inside.
The trip to Comino continues circumnavigating the island completely.
Blue cave Blue grotto

Some caves in Comino. Sometimes the water is so blue that the color is reflected on the walls and ceiling of the cave itself, as you can see from the photo above.
More pictures of Comino showing rugged coastline.
Hotel Comino Beach in Comino
How to get to Comino

The trip to Comino ends with a swim in the lagoon in front of the Comino Hotel, where there is also a small beach.

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