Tour to Gozo and photos of Gozo (Malta)

6-10 August 2014 

Are you looking for information about Gozo? In this Gozo travel guide you will find photos of the island and information on the most important tourist attractions, not to be missed during any tour to Gozo. In addition to some beautiful beaches with unusual orange sand, Gozo offers nice landscapes and small former towns rich in history and culture. Compared to the main island of Malta, Gozo is a more peaceful place and the sea is generally better and much more attractive.

Our tour to Gozo starts by exploring the beautiful beach of San Blas Bay, which is reached by a road so steep and narrow that can be accessed only by 4x4 or ATV (in either case, the space available for parking is very limited and therefore is much better to walk all the way from the main road).
Sab Blas beach San Blas Bay
San Blas Beach in Gozo
Are you looking for special beaches? The beach of San Blas Bay in Gozo, together with the nearby Ramla Bay, is one of the few beaches in the world to have a strong orange color, due to the abundant content of iron oxides. The beach of San Blas Bay is small, not reached by mass tourism, and is set in a picturesque landscape, probably one of the most beautiful places in Gozo.
Orange sand beach
Orange beach

Photos of San Blas Bay in Gozo. The beautiful orange sand beach of San Blas Bay, having a color quite rare in the world, due to the presence of iron oxides. San Blas and Ramla in Gozo are really unusual beaches.
Gozo (Malta) Gozo
San Blas Bay in Gozo

Photos of Gozo. On either side of San Blas beach, there are other small pebble beaches. The water is always very clear and there are not many tourists like to Ramla Bay and other areas of Gozo.
Hondoq beach Hondoq
The trip to Gozo continues with a visit to Hondoq beach. Unlike San Blas Bay and Ramla Bay which are of orange sand, for Hondoq the coloring is much brighter and looking like "classical" white sand beaches.
Sea in Gozo

Walking along Hondoq beach on an easy path, after a few minutes you reach this beautiful cove with crystal clear water where usually only a few tourists venture, and where you can go for a swim through a ladder for easy access to the sea.
Gozo sea

Photos of Gozo. The beautiful bays along the coast, just a short walk from Hondoq beach.
Ramla Bay Ramla Bay Gozo
Orange sand Orange beach
Beach of Ramla Bay

The tour in Gozo continues with a visit to Ramla Bay, another beach with the unusual orange sand and very popular among the tourists who visit the island (even in a day tour from Malta).
Wied Il Ghasri
Wied Il Ghasri in Gozo

We continue to explore Gozo visiting Wied Il Ghasri, a narrow canyon exavated by a river now dried-up, which is accessed via a staircase whose steps are carved directly into the rock (left picture).
Wied Il Ghasri beach Pebble beach

The expanse of pebbles on the bottom of the Wied Il Ghasri canyon ends in the sea, where you can swim and snorkel among picturesque coves and small caves in the water.
Xlendi cliffs Xlendi
The bay of Xlendi in Gozo has an impressive landscape dominated by towering cliffs that falls vertically into the sea. In the bottom of the bay, there is the village of Xlendi and a small beach where you can swim.
The bay of Marsalforn was instead completely disfigured because of the huge resorts, and there is no sandy beach.
Gozo salt pans Malta salt pans
Salt pans

The salt pans of Gozo dates back to historical times and are still used to extract salt from sea water. The landscape is a curious mosaic of basins of various forms, where sea water is left to evaporate before collecting the salt.
Malta (and Gozo is no exception) has a rather special architecture which, as we have observed several times, including a large number of buildings in limestone coming from local quarries, like the one in this photo.
Gozo Inland Sea Cliff
The Inland Sea of Gozo is a lagoon connected to the sea only through a natural tunnel about 100 meters, which still allows a regular exchange of water and access by small boats.
Azure Window in Gozo Dwejra Point in Gozo
Blue Hole Gozo

The Azure Window (top-left picture) is instead a beautiful natural arch, at whose feet lies the Blue Hole (bottom-left picture), a large swimming pool that is a destination for many divers. The whole is placed in a beautiful setting with high cliffs falling vertically into the sea.
Azure Window
Photo of Azure Window in Gozo, a natural arch where, if the sea is calm, is possible to swim and snorkel in the blue waters.
Caper Vegetation in Malta
The vegetation of Gozo, as well as Malta in general, is represented by plants liking dry climates, as the caper (pictured left), prickly pear (right picture on the foreground) and the carob tree (right picture in the background).
Ta Pinu church
Gozo is not only landscape and nature, but also history and culture. In this photo, the Ta Pinu Basilica, a Catholic Roman church dating back to the early pilgrimages.
Ta Pinu
The interior of the Church of Ta Pinu in Gozo looks simple, without too much preciouses or decorations.
Ta Pinu in Gozo
The peculiarity of the Basilica of Ta Pinu in Gozo is in the collection of documents and prayers that testify either sad or difficult events completed successfully. The families who live in nearby communities bring their stories in this church, as a thank you for for a miracle.
Citadel (Victoria - Gozo)
The Citadel in Victoria, Gozo's largest urban center, seen from the outside of its walls, seems to be an impenetrable fortress. Unfortunately, the limited time available on the island, did not allow us to take a tour inside, but only a quick snapshot from outside.
Buildings in Gozo Roads in Gozo
Balcony in Malta Decorations for celebrations
Photo of Gozo, driving thru small towns decorated for upcoming celebrations, and driving thru countryside.
A church in Gozo.
Hotel Grand Gozo
Gozo harbour Where to stay in Gozo? For our stay in Gozo we chose the Grand Hotel in Mgarr, a structure of good quality located within a few minutes walk from the main port of the island. The Grand Hotel Gozo has large rooms, some with a nice balcony and view of the harbor and Comino. Almost every day, shuttles are available (often free of charge) to go in major beaches or to visit the capital Victoria.

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