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4 August 2014 

Are you looking for information about Valletta? In this trip review about Valletta, Malta's capital, you will find many pictures and information on the main monuments and possible itineraries to follow during your visit. Valletta is one of the smallest capitals in Europe and was founded by the Knights of St. John in the sixteenth century: UNESCO has defined the city as one of the world's richest area for history, and for this reason it is listed among the World Heritage Sites.

Valletta city walls
The tour of Valletta in Malta starts from the imposing outer walls of of the city, where an elevator (pictured right) links the downtown with the harbor below. Valletta was founded in the sixteenth century by the Knights of St. John, and is one of the richest place for history in the world.
Elevator in Valletta
Senglea Valletta
Cruise ship in Malta

Panoramic photos of Senglea, Vittoriosa and Valletta, taken from a vantage point along the walls of Valletta, the capital of the state of Malta.
Ancient Palace in Valletta Holiday decorations in Valletta
Once entering the main gate through the walls of Valletta, a world of ancient buildings and streets decorated for the many festivals that take place during the summer, soon opens.
Church in Valletta
Valletta is home to numerous churches, many of which date back to the sixteenth century. For the amount of monuments in Valletta and their state of preservation, UNESCO included the entire city among the World Heritage Sites.
Valletta Corner of Valletta
The narrow streets of Valletta, where it is pleasant to spend some time strolling around the alleys that are home to antique shops and churches.
Valletta (Malta) Capital of Malta
Valletta Valletta (Malta)
Architecture in Valletta Architecture in Malta
Pictures of Valletta. The architecture of Valletta is quite interesting and unusual: the houses are built with a light-colored limestone, which is available on the island, providing good insulation against both heat and cold, while windows and balconies are usually equipped with a very characteristic small wooden veranda.
Entrance to harbour
The tour to Valletta continues visiting various places that offer beautiful views over the seafront and harbor.
St. John's Cathedral Cathedral of St. John's
St. John What is the most important attraction in Malta? One of the attractions not to be missed during any tour to Valletta, regardless of the time available, it is the magnificent Cathedral of St. John, the largest church in Malta, dating back to the sixteenth century. The interior of the cathedral of St. John in Malta, is built in Maltese Baroque style, which has very rich colorful decorations onto ceiling and columns that support the structure.
St. John cathedral
Pictures of St. John Cathedral in Malta. The floor of the Cathedral of St. John in Valletta, presents a mosaic of marble plaques of various colors, inlaid to form a huge mosaic that represents true works of art. To preserve this beautiful floor, it is forbidden to enter the Cathedral of St. John in heels.
Chapel of St. John
More photos of St. John's Cathedral in Valletta (Malta). Along the sides of the nave, the cathedral of St. John's presents a series of chapels dedicated to the various divisions (by nationality) of the Order of St. John.
St. John's Malta
Organ pipe
The pipe organ behind the altar of the Cathedral of St. John, surrounded by lavishly decorated in Maltese baroque art.
St. John's Valletta

Some details on the altar of the Cathedral of St. John's and the entrance to the chapel of Auvergne.
Altar of the Cathedral of St. John
Photo of the altar of St. John's cathedral.
Knights of St. John Armory
The trip to Valletta continues visiting the Palace of the Grandmaster. This historic building was the residence of the Grand Masters of the Knights of St. John, and after the independence of Malta in 1964, the building became the temporary seat of the Maltese Parliament, until the completion of a new building, built near the main gate of Valletta.
Grand Master Palace
Pictures of Grandmaster's Palace in Malta. The Hall of the Armoury, with a finely frescoed ceiling, leading to the various rooms of the State Apartments. Typically, only a few of the apartments can be visited by tourists.
Palace of Grand Master
Grandmaster's Palace Grandmaster's Palace in Malta
Grandmaster's Palace in Valletta

The sumptuous rooms of the Grandmaster's Palace in Valletta, featuring frescoes dating back to the sixteenth century. Among the rooms visited by tourists, we recall the Council Chamber, the Dining Room, the Hall of the Supreme Council and the Hall of Ambassadors.
The Grand Master's Palace is also home to the Armory museum, a large collection of armor and weapons dating from sixteenth and eighteenth century.
Armor Armory museum
Collection of weapons

Photos of weapons and armor collections in the Armory museum, inside the Grand Master's Palace in Valletta.
Malta National Museum of Archaeology
The tour of Valletta continues visiting the interesting National Museum of Archaeology, whose galleries are home to artefacts dating from the Neolithic to modern times.
Fat woman statue
Pictures of Fat Women. The National Museum of Archaeology in Malta is home to curious statues of "fat women" dating back to more than 5000 years ago, whose significance remains a mystery.
Fat woman
Elephant molar Ancient printing machine
Photos of Museum of Archaeology in Malta. In the left image, a molar of a Maltese elephant, now extinct. In the image to the right, a printing press dating from the beginning of the last century.
Phoenician coffin
Photo of a coffin of Phoenician origin, collected in the Museum of Archaeology in Malta.

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