Las Vegas trip review and photos of the hotels & casinos along the Strip

December 2013 

Trip to Las Vegas staying at the New York New York hotel & casino along North Las Vegas Blvd. Excursions in Las Vegas along the Strip to visit the other theme hotels like the Luxor, Bellagio and Venetian. Trip on top of the Stratosphere tower to enjoy the extreme thrill rides and to view Las Vegas from top. Tour to Hoover Dam in Boulder City.

Welcome to Las Vegas
Photo of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign along the main road that connects the airport to the city center.
New York New York hotel and casino New York New York a Las Vegas
Hotels along South Las Vegas blvd New York New York in Las Vegas
Photo of New York New York hotel. In Las Vegas we stay at the New York New York hotel and casino, a known themed hotel inspired by the homonymous city, established in 1997. The New York New York is located along the southern part of the Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard) in a convenient location from where the airport can be reached quickly and from where you can visit all the other hotels along the Strip just on foot. In top pictures: the New York New York seen by day and by night. Below-left: the view from the 33rd floor of the Empire tower, towards the Excalibur, Luxor and Mandala Bay. In the bottom-right picture, the reconstruction of the most popular neighborhoods in New York, housing shops and restaurants.
Las vegas Luxor Luxor hotel Las Vegas
The trip to Las Vegas begins visiting the theme hotels that are located on the southern part of the Strip. In these photos, the Luxor hotel & casino showing an architecture inspired by the ancient Egyptians, that sees a large sphinx in front of a pyramid in which there is a casino, shops and some of the guest rooms.
Luxor hotel and casino Las Vegas Luxor hotel

Photo of Luxor hotel & casino in Las Vegas. The interior of the pyramid holds shops and large statues, while some of the hotel rooms are located along the sides of the pyramid (they can be reached by a particular type of elevator named "inclinator" because it travels obliquely).
Gambling hall
The casino inside the Luxor in Las Vegas, hosting slot machines and other gambling devices.

An example of the themed hotels in Las Vegas where, in the case of Luxor, the columns are decorated like those from the homonymous city in Egypt.
Excalibur hotel in Las Vegas Excalibur hotel and casino
The tour in Las Vegas proceeds north along the Strip (Las Vegas Blvd) visiting the Excalibur, another theme hotel with thousands of rooms and inspired to King Arthur and the Middle Ages in general.
MGM Las Vegas South Las Vegas blvd
In these photos, MGM and Planet Hollywood hotels, also located along the south Las Vegas Blvd (the southern part of the Las Vegas Strip), thus closer to the airport.
Las Vegas oblique towers
Las Vegas City Center

In the most central position along the Strip in Las Vegas, we find the modern City Center, a complex of buildings inaugurated in 2009, which includes several hotels (like the Air), a shopping center and some luxury condominiums within two oblique towers.
Bright displays in Las Vegas
Perhaps what is most impressive while walking along the Strip in Las Vegas, are the huge bright display, clearly visible even during the day under the sun.
Paris hotel and Casino
Paris in Las Vegas

Continuing the walk north along the Las Vegas Boulevard, we pass by the Paris hotel & casino, inspired to Paris, which houses the reconstruction of the Eiffel Tower with a restaurant on top.
Bellagio hotel and casino Bellagio in Las Vegas
Bellagio musical fountains Bellagio fountains
Bellagio water show Bellagio water performance
Our Las Vegas tour continues by visiting the Bellagio hotel & casino, which offers one of the most beautiful show among all the casinos in Las Vegas. In fact, at a rate that varies between 30 and 15 minutes depending on time of day, musical fountains performances are held in the large pool in front of the hotel. The Fountains of Bellagio are capable of projecting water up to 75 meters in the air.
The Mirage hotel and casino Volcano show at the Mirage
Another show is provided by the Mirage hotel & casino, where an artificial volcano erupts periodically by simulating the emission of lava through jets of water lit by fire and flames.
North Las Vegas blvd Hotels along North Las Vegas Strip
Along north Las Vegas Blvd, we find more theme hotels, like the Treasure Island (inspired to the world of pirates), and the Venetian inspired instead to Venice.
Las Vegas Strip
Outside the Venetian hotel & casino in Las Vegas, along the Strip, there is a reconstruction of the great "Campanile" from Venice St. Mark's Square (Piazza San Marco).
Venetian hotel and casino in Las Vegas Artificial sky at the Venetian hotel
Las Vegas Venetian hotel Venetian
Photos of Venetian hotel in Las Vegas. Inside the hotel there is a real reconstruction of Venice including its water canals, where there are also shops and restaurants and where you may have a gondola ride.
Gondola ride in Las Vegas Venetian theme hotel
Tourists having a gondola ride in the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas.
Las Vegas Nevada Stratosphere tower
The Stratosphere hotel & casino, one of the northernmost along the Las Vegas Blvd, has a tower 1149 feet high from where you can have a 360 degree view over Las Vegas and southern Nevada and where you can join extreme thrill rides. We recommend that you get on top of the tower just before sunset, to be able to enjoy either the endless panorama of the Nevada desert and either Las Vegas illuminated as soon as it becomes dark enough.
SkyJump thrill ride in Las Vegas Extreme rides in Las Vegas
On top of the Stratosphere tower there are some thrill rides for people who are strong of heart (and stomach). On the left picture: a tourist does the SkyJump, a kind of Bungee jumping ending in a controlled final descent into the ground. On the right picture, other tourists are doing the Insanity.
View from Stratosphere tower in Las Vegas X-Scream ride
The Stratosphere tower has also an open upper terrace where you can enjoy another ride: the X-Scream.
Las Vegas panorama at sunset
Las Vegas from top of a tower

Photos of Las Vegas at sunset taken from the top observation terrace of the Stratosphere tower.
Las Vegas at night Aircraft lined up before landing at McCarran in Las Vegas
Photo of Las Vegas at night taken from the observation deck of the Stratosphere tower. In the picture to the right, some airplanes lined up to land at Las Vegas McCarran airport.
Hoover Dam Great dam in Boulder City
Lake Mead

Hoover Dam photos. The Hoover Dam is located just half an hour drive from Las Vegas. It was built along the Colorado River in order to create Lake Mead, which supplies water and electricity to Las Vegas, as well as to many other towns in the south-west of the United States.
Lake Mead water level in 2013 Lake Mead water level in 1998
The 2013's water level in Lake Mead is at record lows due to a prolonged drought that has lasted for 20 years. In the right picture, the water level in November 1998, pictured at left, the level at the end of 2013.

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