Pictures of Las Vegas and Valley of Fire

November 2002 

A few photos from Las Vegas and from the Valley of Fire, taken during a business trip in November 2002 to attend the Comdex Fall event. Las Vegas in frequently chosen to host special events thanks to the capacity of the hotels, capable to hold many thousands of visitors.

Mirage hotel casino, Las Vegas Venetian, Las Vegas
The Mirage and the Venetian hotel & casino, located along The Strip in Las Vegas, at night.
MGM, Las Vegas Venetian, Las Vegas
Photos from left to right: me in the MGM's main hall and inside the Venetian.

Driving to and from Valley of Fire in Nevada. Photos from top-left, clockwise: me close to lake Mead; blue sky and arid land; driving in the desert.
Valley of Fire, Nevada Valley of Fire, Nevada
Valley of Fire, Nevada

Entering Valley of Fire. The Valley of Fire is located about 55 miles north-east of Las vegas and it is featured by large formations of sand-stone, with deep reddish colors. Because this kind of rock is very soft, it is easily modelled by wind and rain, which creates often very bizzarre shapes over the years.

The Cabins in the Valley of Fire were built in the years 1930 for the first tourits, using the same sandstone found all around.
Valley of Fire, Nevada

Photos of the nice landscape around "Rainbow Vista" in the Valley of Fire.

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