Tabwakea Kiritimati (Christmas Island) towns and life on the island <<-- GO
Isolated by at least 5000 km of water in all directions, Kiritimati (Christmas Island) belongs to the Line islands group of Kiribati and offers authentic experiences among tiny villages and beautiful landscapes.
Kiritimati beaches and sea Sea and beaches in Kiritimati (Christmas Island) <<-- GO
With its immense lagoon, Kiritimati is the largest atoll in the world and also the most isolated. It offers stunning tropical scenery and fantastic deserted beaches all around an emerald green turquoise blue sea.
Birds of Line Islands Excursions from Kiritimati to other Line Islands <<-- GO
Kiribati's Line islands are scattered in a vast area of the central Pacific, but some are just a short boat ride from Kiritimati. Declared as National Park, these islands offer unique opportunities to observe thousands of terns, tropic birds and other rare birds.
South Tarawa atoll Landscape and towns of South Tarawa around Kiribati capital <<-- GO
South Tarawa atoll, belonging to Gilbert Islands group, is the home to Kiribati capital and to the majority of the country population, which is distributed between the towns of Betio, Bonriki, Bairiki and other smaller towns.
World War II findings Findings and remains from World War II in Tarawa near Betio <<-- GO
Tarawa is well known for one of the battles that have decided the course of World War II: The Battle of Tarawa, between Japan (who had occupied Gilbert Islands for strategic reasons) and America. A series of findings testify the historical events that took place in 1943.
Abemama island Abemama atoll: living on remote Gilbert Islands <<-- GO
The most remote Gilbert Islands, far away from the capital in Tarawa, offer a unique travel experience, where fantastic tropical landscapes merge with an authentic culture and traditional villages.
Excursions from Abemama Excursions from Abemama to the small islands in the lagoon <<-- GO
If Abemama is already perceived as a remote and isolated place, you should know that there is a community which has chosen to live on a further smaller island off Abemama, like an "island inside an island" surrounded by a spectacular lagoon.
Teirio Island (Abaiang) Teirio Island and Abaiang atoll: some beach life in Kiribati <<-- GO
If to your trip to Kiribati you would like to add more beach life, the islet of Teirio in Abaiang atoll, may be a great choice. Beautiful beach, great sea and possible day trips to deserted islands, as well as to remote villages.
North Tarawa atoll Exploring North Tarawa among local traditions and tropical landscapes <<-- GO
Away from the hustle and bustle of South Tarawa, the northern part of the atoll offers good sea, kilometric beaches and traditional villages where you can learn something more about the culture of Kiribati and the traditions of its inhabitants.