Jordan Wadi Rum desert tour by 4x4 and camp accommodation

8-9 April 2012 

The desert of Wadi Rum in southern Jordan is an attractive destination for the beauty and the variety of the landscapes. A tour to Wadi Rum of a couple of days, combining off-road excursions with short treks guided by a local Bedouin, will let you to discover this area of Jordan ideal for those who love the deserts.

Dromedaries Dromedaries cubs
The trip to Wadi Rum desert starts encountering, just a few miles after the entrance, a small group of camels made ​​up of several adults and some puppies.
Sand dune Wadi Rum
Wadi Rum pictures. The desert of Wadi Rum in Jordan has rocky and sandy areas having a vivid orange color.
Desert Wadi Rum desert
Desert in Jordan

More pictures of Wadi Rum. I climb a sand dune for a view of Wadi Rum desert from the top. The landscape resembles in some ways that of the central Sahara desert, although the extent of this desert, at least for the Jordan's side, is limited to a few hundred square kilometers (a tour in Wadi Rum for a couple of days is well enough to enjoy all the attractions).
Jordan Wadi Rum
The trip in Wadi Rum continues exploring this curious rock formation that has a narrow canyon where there are ancient inscriptions and paintings.
Graffiti Graffiti in the desert
On the walls of the narrow canyon it's possible to observe a large number of graffiti representing people and animals.
Wadi Rum photo. The typical landscape of Jordan Wadi Rum desert.
Rock painting Rock painting in the desert
Still more rock paintings sculptured in the mountain.
Lawrence of Arabia house
The Wadi Rum tour continues at the ruins of the Lawrence of Arabia's house. The bricks are original and accordingly to the studies, this building was already existing before the arrival of Lawrence of Arabia (it seems that originally it was used as a station for caravans).
More Wadi Rum photos.
4x4 in the desert
The trip in Wadi Rum is by guided by an expert local Bedouin, aboard open vehicles.
Wadi Rum desert
Photos of Wadi Rum. The colors in the desert of Wadi Rum are constantly changing from zone to zone. This area dominates in yellow and brown, unlike the previous orange.
And now a well deserved rest in the shade of an high cliff.
Ancient dam
The remains of an ancient dam built with the same type of bricks used for the home of Lawrence of Arabia. This dam was used to form a pool of rainwater flowing naturally on the rock wall.
Wadi Rum trip
Traveling in Jordan Wadi Rum desert.
Mushroom rock
A mushroom-shaped rock.
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia desert
Panorama on the Saudi Arabian desert. The excursions in Wadi Rum continue with a walk of several hours in the desert, where I get very close to the border with Saudi Arabia, located just 3km from this point.
Desert trek Wadi Rum trek
Wadi Rum expedition
Wadi Rum desert pictures.
Water in the desert

Inside the mountains of Wadi Rum, fresh water was discovered as evidenced by the presence of palm trees and even ferns. Projects are currently underway to extract and transport this water not only in Wadi Rum itself, but also to other parts of Jordan.
Natural arch
Rock arch

A curious natural arch of rock.
Sunset in the desert
Waiting for sunset in the Wadi Rum desert.
Wadi rum tent camp Camp in Wadi Rum
Wadi rum tented camp

During my two-days trip to Wadi Rum I've been accommodated in this fixed-tent camp. There aren't great luxuries and the life is simple, but perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment.
Sand cooking Cooking under the sand
Cooking in the sand Dinner in the desert
The Bedouins prepare an excellent dinner, cooking chicken and vegetables below the sand. The cooking method, combined with the genuinity of the products grown using natural methods, lets to rediscover old flavors that are no longer present in modern industrial food.
Once in my tent, I see a nice and completely harmless host.

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