Relaxing trip to Jordan Dead Sea spa in the world's deepest depression

4 April 2012 

The Dead Sea is a large natural reservoir whose waters have a salinity 10 times higher than that of the oceans and, thanks to the presence of various minerals, it is best known for its healing properties for numerous skin problems. A vacation to Dead Sea is funny because, thanks to such high salinity and thus water's density, it's very easy to float even if you don't swim. A tour to Dead Sea can be also spent in a beauty clinic Spa where the excellent healing properties of Dead Sea mud is used for an healty treatment over your body.

Dead Sea hotel Dead Sea resort
Dead Sea accommodations

Dead Sea trip. Along the shores of the Dead Sea in Jordan are located a number of resorts offering a comfortable holiday. Some of these Dead Sea Spa resorts offer also real clinics for skin treatments, based on Dead Sea mineral salts, waters and muds. A trip to Dead Sea can be thus combined with a vacation really healty for your skin.
Resort on the Dead Sea Hotel on the Dead Sea
Swimming pool

Many Dead Sea hotels provide swimming pools, suitable even for children, where people can have fun during their Dead Sea tour.
Dead Sea beach
Dead Sea picture. The beaches on the Dead Sea are managed directly from the resort that own the land. They are usually equipped with umbrellas, deck chairs, showers and everything needed for an enjoyable tour to Dead Sea.
Dead Sea salts Dead Sea salt
Dead Sea

Dead Sea pictures. The salinity of the Dead Sea is about 10 times higher than that of the oceans. Sometimes the water becomes so saturated with salts, that most minerals precipitate in crystals along the shores.
Dead Sea mineral muds Dead Sea mineral salts
Jordan Dead Sea

Pictures of Dead Sea. The mineral salts are sometimes organized in thick layers inside the muds.
Dead Sea in Jordan
Dead Sea photos. The Dead Sea is actually a lake located along the border between Israel and Jordan (and between the West Bank and the Palestinian territories). It is located in the world's deepest depression, more than 400 meters below sea level, a feature that makes the air very healthy due to the higher quantity of oxigen and less UV rays.
Dead Sea mud Skin care Dead Sea
Photos of Dead Sea. Along the beach there are large tanks that contain Dead Sea mud. Tourists can smear such mud on them, as it has numerous healing properties, like psoriasis treatment.
Dead Sea skin muds Dead Sea bath
It 's very funny to watch tourists completely covered by mud and walking around the beach. After several minutes, the mud can be removed under the shower, or doing a swim in the Dead Sea.
Dead Sea floating
Dead Sea photo. Due to the high salinity of the Dead Sea, and thus for the great density of the water, it is possible to float with extreme ease and without any effort. Indeed, it is very difficult to sink even if you wish to.
Dead Sea water
Beach on Dead Sea

The beach consists of sand or round pebbles, where you walk barefoot without any problems. Often along the beach there are stones completely encrusted by salt.
Floating in the Dead Sea
Tourists floating effortlessly on the Dead Sea.
Skin muds Mud for skin
Dead sea muds Dead Sea skin mud
At the sunset, the environment begins to paint with a beautiful golden color, perhaps due to the altitude of less than -400 meters below sea level and thus to the thick atmosphere. I watch the other tourists full of mud and I also try to cover my body with mud as well.
Float in the Dead Sea
Dead Sea sunset Sunset in Jordan
Finally the sun set behind the high mountains of Israel.
World's deepest depression
The altimeter on my watch shows that I am in the deepest depression of the planet, indicating an approximate altitude of well -435 meters.

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