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February 2015 

If you are looking for information about what to see in Tokyo, here you will find a list of the main attractions that should not be missed, that can be visited in about three full days. From Electric Town to Shinjuku, from temples to gardens, Tokyo has so much to offer for every season.


1. Tokyo Sky Tree tower (Tokyo Sky Tree subway station, Tobu Isesaki line)
2. Electric Town (Akihabara station, lines Yamanote, Chuo-Sobu, Keihin-Tohoku and Hibiya)
3. Sensoji Temple (Asakusa station, lines Tobu Skytree, Ginza, Tsukuba Express and Toei)
4. Hamarikyu garden (Tokyo Water Bus from Asakusa port, or Shimbashi subway station)
5. Takeshita Street (Harajuku subway station, Yamanote line)
6. Shibuya (Shibuya subway station, Yamanote line)
7. Shinjuku (Shijuku subway station, served by many lines)
8. Tokyo Tower (Akabanebashi subway station, Oedo line and many more)
9. Visit a Cat Cafe (for example Cat Cafe Calico in Shinjuku: 1-16-2 Kabukicho - Shinjuku - Tokyo)

For the visit of all these attractions, we recommend three full days. In Tokyo there are many other attractions, including museums, Buddhist temples, gardens and other theme areas with particular architectures: a complete visit to the city can take up to a week, depending on own interests.
Tokyo Sky Tree Sky Tree tower in Tokyo
The tour in Tokyo begins by visiting Tokyo Sky Tree tower, a structure with a total height of 634 meters, which is located in the Sumida neighborhood. Although the main purpose of the tower is for telecommunications, it has also two observation platforms, respectively at 350 and 450 meters, where visitors can climb via high speed elevators, to see Tokyo from above. The closest metro station is Tokyo Sky Tree on the Tobu Isesaki line. Keep in mind that the line for getting the elevator, may be long.
Tokyo Mount Fuji
Tokyo at sunset Tokyo at night
The best time to climb on top the Tokyo Sky Tree tower is probably just before sunset, when you can observe the city first in daylight, then in dusk conditions, then at night, all in a very short time. In February, the sun sets directly behind Mount Fuji (top right photo) a 3776 meters high volcano and highest mountain in Japan (for a better view of Mount Fuji, it's recommended to climb the tower in the morning, when the sun is located on the opposite side).
Photo of the top of Tokyo Sky Tree tower.
The trip to Tokyo continues moving in the city thanks to the very efficient subway, which lets to reach very quickly the most interesting neighborhoods.
Electric Town Electric Town in Tokyo
Tokyo Electric Town Electric Town in Tokyo
Akihabara Tokyo Akihabara
One of the most popular neighborhoods in Tokyo is Akihabara, known as Electric Town, where there are hundreds of stores selling electronic items, video games and DVDs. A visit to this area of Tokyo is a must for everybody who like video games, computers, anime, but also for those looking for lights and colors among a very particular urban architecture, dominated by large billboards and giant screens. To get to Akihabara, just get any metro line serving Akihabara subway station, then walk following "Electric Town" signs.
Akihabara Electric Town Videogame city in Tokyo
Electronics in Tokyo

Photos of Electric Town in Tokyo, showing the buildings that house shops and mini malls, where almost every kind of electronics and anime is sold.

Psychedelic banners covering entire facades of buildings in the district of Akihabara, in the Tokyo Electric Town.
Videogame store in Tokyo
Some stores of Akihabara Electric Town in Tokyo (Akihabara district) where stores sell DVDs and video games.
Anime store in Tokyo
Anime store

Akihabara photos. In the Electric Town in Tokyo, there are numerous shops selling anime (Japanese cartoons), in various forms, like DVDs, figurines and dolls inspired by the cartoons themselves. It seems incredible, but there are whole stores (often huge, multi-storey) basing their business exclusively on this.
Computer shop in Tokyo
Some stores of Electric Town district of Tokyo, selling all kinds of computer items (pictured left) and anime (pictured right).
DVD for adults
The Akihabara district in Tokyo is also known for its many shops of articles for adults, in particular DVD, for which there is also a thriving second-hand market.
Anime distributor
Buying anime in Tokyo

In Akihabara, as well as in other districts of Tokyo, there are quite numerous vending machines that sell mini-games, dolls and figurines.
Sensoji temple

Photos of Tokyo. After the Electric Town, the trip in Tokyo continues visiting the historic district of Asakusa, home to Sensoji Buddhist temple.
Buddhist temple in Tokyo
Faithfuls burn incense at the Sensoji temple in Asakusa district in Tokyo.
Temple of Sensoji
Temple in Tokyo

More photos of Sensoji Buddhist temple in Tokyo, interesting tourist destination served by many metro lines (Asakusa subway station).
Tokyo Hamarikyu garden
Hamarikyu gardens Garden in Tokyo
The Hamarikyu Garden is a public park located in the Chuo district, and can be reached with a short cruise on the Sumida River, starting from the river port of Asakusa (served by several subway lines). The place, in the heart of central downtown, is an oasis of peace and we recommend a visit especially in spring, when there are lot of lowers.
The Hamarikyu gardens in Tokyo is home to a 300 year old pine.
Elevated railway
The tour in Tokyo continues among huge buildings and skyscrapers.
Tokyo urban architecture

Photo of Tokyo and the particular urban architecture, where elevated roads and railway lines run between the the skyscrapers.
Takeshita Street
Takeshita Street in Tokyo is a street known for hosting numerous fashion stores, as well as bars and restaurants, including several Western chains. Takeshita Street is just a few meters from Harajuku Metro Station on the Yamanote Line.

Another neighborhood whose visit should not missed during any trip to Tokyo, is to Shibuya, one of the most modern and dynamic areas of the city, where there are numerous shopping centers with psychedelic large screens. The area is served by several metro lines, through Shibuya station.
Pedestrians in Tokyo World's busiest crossing
In Shibuya there is the world's busiest pedestrian crossing. Every two minutes, the traffic lights turn red in all directions, to allow thousands of pedestrians to cross the road, also diagonally.
Night lights in Tokyo
Tokyo lights Night in Tokyo
Shinjuku photos. This area of Tokyo is known for his dynamism and the many shops displaying neon signs and giant screens. The visit to this district is recommended especially in the evening or night, when the lights come to life. In Shinjuku, there are several metro stations, including Shinjuku itself (considered the busiest metro station in the world, where there is a transit of 3.6 million people every day) served by several lines.
In Tokyo it's not permitted to smoke on the street.
Tokyo Tower
Another interesting tourist attraction in Tokyo, is the Tokyo Tower, a structure 333 meters tall and inspired by the Eiffel Tower. The tower has two observation platforms that tourists can reach to have a beautiful view of the city.
Aquarium in Tokyo

Under Tokyo Tower, there is an aquarium hosting lot of different species of animals from both salt and sweet water environments.
Cat Cafe in Tokyo Cat Cafe
Calico Cat Cafe

Another curiosity of Tokyo, and an interesting experience for the casual tourist, are the Cat Cafe, a sort of night club where you pay to stay with .... cats! The entrance ticket costs on average 1000 Yen for one hour access, but drinks from the bar are charged separately. These pictures are from Cat Cafe Calico in Shinjuku (1-16-2 Kabukicho)

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