Abyaneh and its adobe red clay houses

9 November 2018 

Abyaneh is a pretty traditional village nestled among the mountains of central Iran and is known for its red clay houses (adobe), some of which date back to hundreds of years.


Abyaneh is located among the mountains of central Iran, at 2235 meters above sea level and is a very old village known for its traditional houses built by red clay mixed with straw (building material known as "adobe"). The village is surrounded by a beautiful valley where a seasonal river flows, while behind there is Mt. Karkas which, with its 3899 meters of elevation, is the highest mountain of the homonymous mountain range. Abyaneh is home to only a few dozen people living here permanently, while others stay in the village only during the summer.

How to get to Abyaneh? Abyaneh can be reached in just an hour drive from Kashan or just 2 hours from Isfahan: being conveniently located along a short detour from the highway connecting Kashan to Isfahan, this village is a good stop-over also for some relax and rest.

What to see in Abyaneh? The things to see in Abyaneh are certainly its traditional houses built with a mixture of red clay and straw. The architecture is very traditional and the older buildings date back over a millennium ago. As the village remained isolated for long time from the rest of Iran, Abyaneh still preserves ancient traditions disappeared from the country, including a particular dialect, or the clothes wear by women, which include a quite particular scarf with a nice pattern of flowers. Just outside Abyaneh visitors can see the ancient fortress, known as Abyaneh Castle, which stands among underground shelters for sheep used by animals during the harsh winter. For a complete tour of Abyaneh, including a short hike to admire the village from a nearby panoramic view point, it is advisable to spend about 3 hours.

But now let's see some photos of Abyaneh, a wonderful traditional village in Iran.

Autumn in Iran Landscape in Iran
Mt. Karkas Abyaneh
Abyaneh, Iran Iran Abyaneh
Abyaneh is located in a beautiful valley at 2235 meters above sea level, where in autumn the trees take a nice yellow and orange color. Behind the village, Mt. Karkas (3899 meters), the highest mountain of the homonymous mountain range. The houses of Abyaneh are built by straw mixed with red clay, available in abundance among the surrounding mountains.
Red clay mixed with straw
The red clay mixed with straw, technically known as adobe, is the main building material for the houses of Abyaneh, and is also used to cover the facade completely.
Adobe house Traditional house in Abyaneh
Adobe village Abyaneh traditional houses
Traditional houses in Iran Old village in Iran
Village of adobe Building made by clay and straw
Red house Red houses in Iran
Red clay building Traditional windows in Iran
Red houses village Village of red houses
Mountain village in Iran Traditional village in Iran
The main tourist attractions of Abyaneh are the red clay houses, some of which are centuries old. The place attracts also a good number of tourists even among the Iranians themselves. It is pleasant to get lost among the alleys, between the ups and downs and the arcades, observing these old houses with their traditional windows and ancient doors.
Abyaneh women Abyaneh traditional clothes
Having remained isolated from the rest of Iran for long time, the village of Abyaneh has preserved ancient traditions, including an old dialect now disappeared from other regions and the typical clothing of women, which includes a large white scarf with a pattern of flowers covering the head and the shoulders.
Abyaneh mosque
The local mosque of Abyaneh with its large central pool.
Adobe houses Clay houses
Clay buildings in Iran Iran traditional village
Old village in Iran Abyaneh red clay village
Red clay village in Iran Village in iran with red houses
Adobe in Iran
More photos of Abyaneh taken during a pleasant walk among the traditional adobe houses, made of red clay and straw.
Abyaneh fortress Castle of Abyaneh
Just outside Abyaneh, about twenty minutes walk from the center of the village, there are the ruins of an ancient fortress.
Refuge for sheeps
One of the main activities in Abyaneh is sheep farming. During the harsh winter, with lot of snow and temperatures that can drop many degrees below freezing point, animals (especially sheep) are sheltered in underground caves dug along the sides of the hills and aerated by vents made under the ceiling.

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