Tour to Isafjörður by mountain bike and Flateyri by kayak

Day 5, May 16th, 2002 

The north-west of Iceland is less known by mass tourism and features a landscape resembling more northern Scandinavia and its fjords, rather than the rest of Iceland. Geologically, this is the oldest region of Iceland and a day tour from Reykjavik to Isafjordur by airplane, before continuing by mountain bike and kayak through the fjords, may be an interesting way to discover this hidden part of the country.

Isafjordur, Iceland Isafjordur, Iceland
Isafjörður, Iceland Isafjörður, Iceland
Isafjörður is the capital of the Westfjords and is surronded by high and very steep mountains. It is a very nice and charming town with modern buildings, colorful private homes, hiking paths and an impressive system of roads / tunnels used to connect the other towns and the communities around the fjords. Landing here by Air Iceland's Fokker 50 has been extremely impressive because of the steep descent and the sharp turns inside the valleys. As soon as the pilot turns the engines off and I descent from the airplane, all that I can hear are just the birds and a sense of peace and quiet fills me. Today is a beautiful sunny day without a single cloud in the sky, excellent visibility, almost no winds and a temperature of +5°C. I will take a long and pleasant mountain bike ride around the city, after have enjoyed a kayak tour in another fjord.
Flateyri, Iceland
This is Flateyri, a small village of 300 inhabitants, less than 20 kilometers from Isafjörður. In order to reach this community, we have to cross a 7 chilometers long tunnel digged directly into the rock. Like in Isafjörður, the economy is mainly based on fishing.
Kayak tour, Iceland Kayak tour, Iceland
Kayak tour, Iceland From Flateyri, I take a short kayak tour in the fjord. The temperature of the water is just +4°C, but the kayaks are very stable and realible, this is the first time that I try it, but I learn in minutes. The surrounding mountains are beautiful, still partly snow covered and brown, but soon everything will turn green.
West fjords, Iceland West fjords, Iceland
Before returning to Isafjörður, we take a short tour of the fjord around Flateyri.
Isafjordur, Iceland
Back in Isafjörður, I take a short walk in the city's center.
Isafjordur, Iceland
Then, I rent a mountain bike and I take a tour on the many town's roads.
I start to bike away from Isafjörður, where there are nice views over the fjords.
Isafjordur, Iceland
After about 4km, I reach a small village.Unfortunately my flight back to Reykjavik will leave soon, so I bike back to Isafjörður, just in time to get the last bus to the airport.

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