Trek from Machhermo (4450m) to Khumjung (3795m)

03 January 2006 - Departure time: 07:50, Rest: 12:00-13:00, Arrival time: 16:40 

Trekking from Machhermo to Khumjung, descending to lower altitudes hosting more sherpa villages and still offering beautiful views on Ama Dablam and other mountains of the Himalaya.

Machhermo, Nepal Machhermo, Nepal
Machhermo, Nepal

Starting the trek from Machhermo, bound for Khumjung.
Himalaya Himalaya
Photos of the trail connecting Machhermo to Khumjung.
The remains from a very ancient moraine on the bottom of this V shaped valley.
Himalaya, Nepal
Some small refuges used by Sherpa when bringing yaks to high altitude pastures.
Himalaya, Nepal
Dole, Nepal Dole, Nepal
Dole, Nepal

Trekking through Dole. If you would like to break the 8 hours long trek from Machhermo to Khumjung into two smaller parts, Dole may be a good place to overnight. This is particularly true if you are trekking the circuit in the opposite direction, to allow better acclimatization to higher altitudes.
Frozen waterfall Frozen waterfall
Frozen waterfall Frozen waterfall
Pictures of frozen waterfall.
Frozen waterfall Frozen waterfall
Frozen waterfall

Impressive frozen waterfalls.
Phortse and Ama Dablam
A panoramic photo of Phortse, Ama Dablam and the mountains beyond.
Ama Damblam, Nepal
Photo of Ama Dablam
Phortse and Ama Dablam
Photo of Phortse and Ama Dablam.
Sherpa porters
Picture of Sherpa bringing heavy loads.
Nepal Nepal
Ama Dablam
Just another beautiful picture of Ama Dablam.
Nepal trekking Himalaya trekking
The trail near Khumjung, descending into the village.
Khumjung, Nepal Khumjung, Nepal
Arriving in Khumjung. One the right photo: the teahouse where I'm staying.
Khumjung, Nepal
A beautiful sunset over Ama Dablam.

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