Excursion to Gokyo lakes (4790m)

01 January 2006 - Departure time : 08:30 - Arrival time: 11:45 

Excursion to the 4th lake, north of Gokyo. The Gokyo lakes have no name, but they are just numbered from south to north. At the beginning of the winter, the lakes are completely frozen but still without snow on top.

Picture of Gokyo lake. The third lake, frozen, shortly after sunrise.
Gokyo trekking Cho Oyu, Nepal
Gokyo trekking toward the fourth lake, with a beautiful view on Cho Oyu and Ngozumba moraine.
Panorama north of Gokyo, Nepal
Panoramic photo of Gokyo lakes. A panoramic view, just before arriving to the 4th lake.
Frozen lake
Photo of Gokyo lake. The lake is completely frozen. Not only it is beautiful to observe it, but it is also very funny to hear all the noises coming from below the surface.
Frozen Gokyo lake, Nepal Frozen Gokyo lake, Nepal
Photos of Gokyo lakes.
Frozen Gokyo lake, Nepal
Frozen Gokyo lake, Nepal
Frozen Gokyo lake, Nepal
More photos of frozen lakes.
Gokyo lake, Nepal
Back to Gokyo village. In the photo above, the 3rd lake.

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