Trek from Tarnak (4730m) to Gokyo (4790m) via Ngozumba glacier

30 December 2005 - Departure time: 08:40 - Arrival time: 12:40 

Trekking from Tarnak to Gokyo, crossing the Ngozumba glacier moraine, a lunar landscape dominated by dunes, huge stones big like cars and frozen lakes, created by the action of the moving glacier that works like an enormous bulldozer.

Ngozumba glacier moraine
Panoramic photo of Ngozumba glacier moraine. A trekking to Gokyo from Tarnak requires to cross the large Ngozumba moraine, in the middle of a spectacular lunar landscape.
Ngozumba glacier moraine
Ngozumba glacier moraine
The Ngozumba moraine si about two kilometers wide and it's like an enormous labyrinth with boulders big like a car, lot of dust and debris, smaller stones and small frozen lakes in the middle of the moraine.
Crossing a glacier moraine
Finding a passage through the moraine is not always easy, the rocks are also very unstable and everything looks very caotic.
Trek to Gokyo crossing a glacier moraine.
Himalaya, Nepal
Himalaya, Nepal Himalaya, Nepal
Glacier moraine
Glacier moraine
Photos of Ngozumba moraine. This was easily one of the most unusual and funny trekking day on the Himalaya in Nepal. The glacier moraine is a bizzarre environment and looks as created by crazy bulldozer. Everything is strange and not looking like anything else on the Earth. During winter is even more odd, because of the frozen lakes in the middle of the moraine.
Glacier moraine panorama
Panoramic picture of glacier moraine.
Ngozumba glacier, Nepal
After about 2 hours, I am on the opposite side of the Ngozumba glacier.
Second Gokyo lake Second Gokyo lake
The 2nd Gokyo lake. It is almost completely frozen, with no snow above. The Gokyo lakes have no names, but just numbers identifying them.
Trail to Gokyo, Nepal
Trekking the final trail segment to Gokyo.
Gokyo lake Gokyo lake, Himalaya
Gokyo lake, Nepal

The 3rd Gokyo lake in front of Gokyo village.
Gokyo Gokyo, Nepal

Photos of Gokyo. Gokyo was used by locals as a summer base only, but now it has several good lodges open all year round for tourists.
Gokyo lodge
The charming dining and bedroom in Gokyo lodge (teahouse) where I overnight. The dining room has a beautiful view on Cho Oyu (8201m).
Gokyo lodge
Gokyo lodge
The Gokyo lodge from outside.
Gokyo Gokyo
Gokyo was a village important only during summer, as a base for shepheards bringing their yaks here. But recently it's getting important for tourism too because of the beautiful scenery, and it's normally open year round.
Cho Oyu
A nice sunset onto Cho Oyu, Nepal.

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