Trek from Lobuche (4930m) to Dhzonglha (4830m)

28 December 2005 - Departure time: 08:20 - Arrival time: 11:20 

Trekking from Lobuche to Dhzonglha, leaving Everest Base Camp area bound for Gokyo lakes via the shortest route through Dhzonglha and Cho La pass. Visiting both base camp and Gokyo areas during a trek in the Himalayas is getting more and more common, thanks to a network of trails letting to move between these places in two or three days.

Leaving Lobuche, bound for Dhzonglha.
Walking along frozen rivers where the ice is so thick that it can hold a yak.
Trek to Nepal
Trekking the Himalayas.
The trail between Lobuche and Gokyo is mostly around 5000 meters, so during the himalayan winter, all the streams are cmpletely frozen.

The spectacular mountains and valleys along the trail from Lobuche to Gokyo via Dhzonghla.
A panoramic photo of the Himalayas.
Dhzonglha, Nepal Dhzonglha, Nepal
Arriving in Dhzonglha, where I stay in the lodge represented on the right picture.

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