Trek from Pangboche (3900m) to Dingboche (4343m)

23 December 2015 - Departure time : 08:40 - Arrival time: 12:10 

After a tour of the beautiful monastery in Pangboche, one of the oldest in the Himalayas, the trek continues above 4000 meters to Dingboche. Now the vegetation is almost completely replaced by flat junipers and the small towns are actually used only in summer as a base for shepherds.

Pangboche teahouse
The teahouse where I've spent the last night in Pangboche.
Pangboche gomba
The gomba in Pangboche has more than 400 years and is the oldest in Nepal Himalaya. An in-depth tour really worths!
Pangboche monastery
Nepal buddist monastery Nepal buddist monastery
Tour of Pangboche gomba in the middle of the Himalayas.
Pangboche buddist gomba
Photo of Pangboche gomba seen from outside.

Trekking from Pangboche to Dingboche along himalayan trails.
Above 4000 metres there are no longer trees, but just low, flat junipers.
Arriving to Dingboche.
Photos of Dingboche with the Himalayas as backdrop.
Dingboche, Nepal
Dingboche teahouse Dingboche teahouse
The teahouse where I'm staying in Dingboche. This town is used as a base for shepherds during summer months, anyway, due to increasing tourism, there are now also several teahouses open year-round.
Dingboche teahouse, Nepal
The small, but comfortable bedroom in the teahouse.

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