Trek from Tengboche (3867m) to Pangboche (3900m)

22 December 2005 - Departure time : 12:40 - Arrival time: 14:40 

Visit to Tengboche Gomba and trekking to Pangboche. Tour of Tengboche monastery in Nepal, where monks live isolated from the rest of the world, at very high altitudes and in a place that can be reached only on foot after a 2-3 days trek from Lukla airport.

teahouse in Tengboche teahouse in Tengboche
Photos of the accommodation in Tengboche where I've spent the night. The lodges in the Himalayas, in this region of Nepal, are actually called teahouses.
Tengboche Gomba Tengboche Gomba, Nepal
The day starts with a visit to Tengboche Gomba, one of the most important buddist monastery through the Himalayas in Nepal.
Buddist monastery in Tengboche, Nepal
The entrance to the Tengboche Gomba.
Buddist monastery in Tengboche, Nepal
Tengboche monastery Buddist monastery
Photos of Tengboche monastery hosting buddist monks.
Tengboche Tengboche
More pictures of Tengboche gomba.
Buddist pilgrim
Tengboche, Nepal
A view on Tengboche and around.
Tengboche, Nepal
Tengboche, Nepal
More pictures of Tengboche gomba and town in Nepal.
Ama Dablam
The trekking now continues to the next destination: Pangboche. Along the trails there are beautiful views onto Mt. Ama Dablam.
Sherpa porter
A sherpa porter carrying a huge load.
Arriving in Pangboche.
Me below the Ama Dablam (left) and Pangboche (right).
Photo of Pangboche with mount Ama Dablam as beautiful backdrop.

The teahouse 's dining and bedroom in Pangboche.
Yak dung
Dehydrated yak dung, used as fuel for stoves.

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