Day trip to Lanai


Short flight from Honolulu to Lanai and day trip on the island by rented car. Flight back to Honolulu on late evening.

Lanai city, Hawaii Lanai city, Hawaii
Lanai city, Hawaii

After a short Dash-8 flight from Honolulu, I arrive to Lanai City, a small and charming town surrounded by tall Araucaria trees.
Going far away from the center of the island, the landscape decomes more dry, without trees and with many volcanic rocks.
Far away, a shipwrek. In the background, the island of Molokai.

The Araucaria trees are the most common type of vegetation on the island of Lanai.
Lanai beach, Hawaii Lanai beach, Hawaii
Lanai beach, Hawaii Lanai beach, Hawaii
A beach close to a resort.
A view over the sea.

Another beautiful resort, surrounded by gardens and a golf course.
Lanai City, Hawaii

Typical homes in Lanai City.
A bank in Lanai City surrounded by green trees and plants.

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