Rhodes daytour by tourist bus

August 13th, 2009 

A full day dedicated to discovering the island of Rhodes by bus and tourist guide. Visit to the butterflies valley, to Kamiros archaeological site, to Sianna, a small mountain town inhabited by just few people, before going to Prasonisi, a place loved by wind surfers and sky surfers.

Butterflies Butterflies - Greece
Butterfly valley

The daytour to Rhodes Island begins with a trip to the butterfly valley, a special place in Greece, where tousands of butterflies come here between june and september, to breed.
The tourist bus continues to Kamiros.
Kamiros archaeological site Kamiros archaeological site
Ruins near Kamiros Ruins near Kamiros
Ancient ruins in Greece Ancient ruins in Greece
Near Kamiros there is an important archaeological site in Greece, where ancient ruins dated up to 5 centuries B.C. are very well preserved. The site represents a city with temples, acropolis, homes and an enormous cistern used as water recipient.
Rhodes island - Greece
We then climb the mountains to reach the small community of Sianna.
Sianna (Rhodes - Greece) Aghios Panteleimon church
Aghios Panteleimon church

In Sianna we visit the Aghios Panteleimon church, before having a lunch stop.

Greece - where mediterranean and Aegean seas meet
The bus then reaches Prasonisi, in the southernmost point of the island, where the Aegean and Mediterranean seas meet together.
Greece - where mediterranean and Aegean seas meet Windsurf in Greece
Skysurf in Greece The point where the Aegean and Mediterranean seas meet together is curious and impressive. In fact, the Mediterranean sea is always calm, while the Aegean sea has always powerful weaves, although the two seas are just a few meters between them and separated by just a tongue of sand (sometimes disappearing completely). The place is also very windy and, for all these reasons, the place is a paradise for windsurf and skysurf lovers.
Prasonisi - Greece
Cat Sleeping cat
Cat Cat
Cat Cat
Cat Sleeping dog
Pictures of cats. The cats (and one dog) of Rhodes island.

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