Stegna bay resort in Rhodes island, Greece

August 1st-15th, 2009 

Stegna bay is located about 35km from Rhodes international airport and is a charming place still not affected by mass tourism. We did stay here for 15 days, relaxing on the sandy beach and doing many day tours on Rhodes by bus, rented car and chartered boats.

Stegna bay - Rhodes - Greece Stegna bay - Rhodes - Greece
Stegna bay - Rhodes - Greece

Our trip to Rhodes island begins arriving in Stegna bay, that will be our home for the next 15 days and from where the daytours will depart.
Stegna bay Stegna bay
Stegna bay

Stegna is a wide bay with lot of good sand. Differently from many other parts of Greece and Rhodes island, the water here is particularly warm and calm.
Rhodes island is a destination particularly interesting for families and young people, because of the activities available and the water sports.
Rhodes island
Pictures of Rhodes seen from the sea. Today, we rent a boat, trying to reach the secluted Red Beach.
Rhodes island Rhodes island
Rhodes island - Greece Rhodes island - Greece
The Red Beach is deserted because it can be reached only by small boats. There are no trails or road coming here. The best way to come here is to rent a small boat.
Red beach - Rhodes Red beach - Rhodes
The beautiful Red Beach is made by many small red stones.
Sheeps in a strange place.
Anthony Queen bay - Greece Anthony Queen bay - Greece
On another excursion, we visit the Anthony Queen bay, where there are unfortunately too many tourists.

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