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Italy Airport Transfers terms and conditions

Before making a reservation, please read these Terms And Conditions carefully. This is a legal document and making a reservation with us implies its full acceptance, agreeing to become bound by these Terms And Conditions. If You don't understand any of the followings Terms And Conditions, have a question or need a clarification, please contact us before proceeding with any booking. We regret that its not possible to make a reservation if these Terms and Conditions are not accepted in full.

1 Contract Formation
1.1 Italy Airport Transfers assigns your reservation to a qualified Driver. The contract for the provision of the transportation service is between You and the Driver, not between You and Italy Airport Transfers.

1.2 By making a reservation on Italy Airport Transfers, You agree to enter into a contract with the Driver operating the requested route and not with Italy Airport Transfers

1.3 When You submit Your booking request on Italy Airport Transfers, Your reservation details are sent to the Driver and only when it accepts Your booking, the contract between You and the Driver is actually formed. You will be advised by email once the Driver accepts Your booking.

1.4 Except for VIP and Business Class transfers, vehicle model, type, features and accessories indicated in the reservation form and on the web site, shall not be considered integral part of the contract and both Italy Airport Transfers or Driver may change the assigned vehicle or its accessories without previous notice, should this be necessary in order to provide the transport. Once the vehicle is boarded You accept the provided service in full and no further complains or requests for compensations apply. In case You do not accept the provided vehicle or its accessories, service will be canceled and no compensations apply (cancellation penalties may be applied at Italy Airport Transfers or Driver's discretion). Should you be interested in VIP or Business Class transfers, guaranteeing particular vehicles or accessories, please contact Italy Airport Transfers for options and pricing before booking.

2 Liability
2.1 The liability for the provision of services between You and the Driver is restricted solely to those two parties between whom the service has been contracted. Italy Airport Transfers liabilities resulting from this agreement shall therefore be limited to those of a third-party broker between You and the Driver. Any liabilities resulting from the provision of the requested service shall be the sole responsibility of the Driver.

2.2 Based on our knowledge, all the Drivers utilized by Italy Airport Transfers are fully licensed and insured, bound to the laws imposed by their country of operation. As laws and licensing rules change from one country to another, some of the Drivers may limit or exclude liability in total or in part. We advise the customers to purchase an adequate travel insurance to protect themselves and their properties throughout the trip.

2.3 Neither Italy Airport Transfers nor Driver will be responsible for any losses, including, but not limited to, lost properties, stolen, lost or damaged luggage, missed flights, ferries, trains or any other missed connecting service, due to whatsoever reason.

2.4 Neither Italy Airport Transfers nor Driver will be responsible for any direct or indirect damages arising from errors or omissions affecting Your reservation either if such reservation was submitted online or processed manually via email or phone. Client is the sole responsible for the information contained in the reservation confirmation email; errors or omissions must be notified immediately to the reservation office who will send promptly a new reservation confirmation email. If errors or omissions are discovered starting from 48 hours before specified pickup time, they must be communicated by calling the emergency phone number supplied in the reservation confirmation email.

2.5 In accordance with this Agreement, You accept that Italy Airport Transfers will in no way be held responsible for any losses, expenses, direct or indirect damages arising from the use or missed use of the booked transportation services, under any normal or particular circumstance, even if You have warned Italy Airport Transfers about particular circumstances affecting Your trip.

2.6 By submitting a reservation with us, You accept that neither Italy Airport Transfers nor Driver will be held responsible for delayed or undelivered emails. We deliver every email promptly and in good faith, but we don't have any control on how customer's email provider actually handles and delivers all the correspondence.

3 Availability of Service
3.1 We are entitled, on behalf of the Driver, to reject any reservation made by You. We do not guarantee to successfully assign a Driver to every booking request. In case that we are unable to allocate Your booking request to a Driver accepting Your booking, we will send You an email offering alternative possibilities or canceling the booking if no alternatives are available.

3.2 Information written into Italy Airport Transfers web site are reported as a courtesy service for web site visitors and customers, we cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracy or error.

4 Payment
4.1 When you submit any payment, either by cash or credit card, you are submitting a payment to the Driver, not to Italy Airport Transfers. Any issue with payment must be therefore resolved directly with Driver, not with Italy Airport Transfers.

4.2 The normal form of payment for is by cash to the driver once You meet him/her at the agreed pickup location, unless a different form of payment was agreed before.

4.3 The credit card supplied during the booking process is used to validate and secure Your booking, but its not actually charged, unless You have requested an advanced payment. A "no show" fee will be charged to such credit card if You fail to cancel Your trip in accordance with the terms explained later in this Agreement.

4.4 Payments in advance by credit or debit cards, as well as payments by credit or debit card to the driver, may be subject to an additional processing fee. Credit card holders may have to supply a picture ID and may have to sign an authorization form.

4.5 You confirm that all the data supplied by Yourself on the booking form is correct, true and valid. You confirm that the credit card supplied during the reservation process is Yours and that it contains sufficient funds to cover the price of the booked service.

5 Cancellations or modifications
5.1 Any reservation modification or cancelation requested up tp 48 hours before agreed pickup time, must be timely communicated to the reservation office who will promptly issue a new reservation confirmation / cancelation email showing the changes. Modifications or cancelations are to be considered succesfully processed and accepted only once the reservation office has issued a new confirmation reservation email showing the changes. Modifications or cancelations requested starting from 48 hours before agreed pickup time, must be timely communicated to the emergency phone number supplied on the reservation confirmation email, failure to do so may cause your request to be rejected or left unprocessed (nor Italy Airport Transfers or Driver will be responsible for any direct or indirect damage arising and cancellation penalties will be applied in full).

5.2 Approval of reservation modifications are subject to availability of service accordingly to the new requests. In case modifications require a new fare due to different veicle needed, changed pickup time or whatsoever other reason, client accepts to pay the new fare in full.

5.3 You may cancel Your reservation with the followings cancellation fees:
5.3.1) Last minute reservations received within 48 hours from scheduled pickup time: any reservation received within 48 hours from scheduled pickup time, cannot be cancelled and 100% of the transfer's price will be charged as late cancellation fee. We accept reservations up to one year in advance and therefore we encourage to book as soon as possible, to take full advantage from our very flexible cancellation rules (as stated below) often voiding any charge up to a few hours before scheduled pickup time. Differently, last minute reservations received within a very short time, require greater efforts and added expenses from both our side and Driver's, making impossible to cancel for free such kind of bookings.
5.3.2) Sightseeing tours and excursions: deposits, when applicable, are not refundable. Latest cancellation deadline is 48 hours before scheduled pickup time, after which 100% of trip's price is charged.
5.3.3) For any other reservation:
a) Up to 5 (five) hours* before the agreed pickup time: no charge if booking was made on-line and payment method was by cash to driver. Otherwise, 15% of the transfer's price may be charged for bookings made via phone, email, for tailor-made transfers or for prepaid transfers (minimum charge is Euros 20). For transfers requiring deposit payment, there is no refund for the paid deposit.
b) Less than 5 (five) hours* before the agreed pickup time, but before the driver has departed to the agreed pickup location: 50% of the transfer's price will be charged
c) After the driver has departed to the agreed pickup location or for "no show": 100% of the transfer's price will be charged.
d) *For round-trip reservations, threshold time for return trip cancelation is extended to 48 hours before agreed pickup time
e) Accordingly to Paragraph 2.6, not having received a reservation confirmation email is not an acceptable reason to cancel a booking, with or without notification. Rules and penalties explained in chapter 5 still applies. There are many ways to check if your reservation is actually confirmed or not, including (but not limited to), using "My Booking" facility, calling us, emailing us.

5.4 Maximum waiting time
a) Pick up from airports: 60 minutes from actual flight arrival time (as displayed on airport information monitors). After this time without any communication from You, the driver will consider it as a "no show", he/she will leave the agreed pickup location and a cancellation fee (100% of the booked service's price) will be applied. Please note: the details about expected / actual landing time are taken from information monitors at the airport in good faith and we are not responsible for missing or inaccurate information.
b) Pick up from any other location: 30 minutes from the agreed pick up time. After this time without any communication from You, the driver will consider it as a "no show", he/she will leave the agreed pickup location and a cancellation fee (100% of the booked service's price) will be applied.

5.5 In case of "no show" without any communication from You, after the maximum waiting period has ended, the full cost of the booked transfer will be charged.

5.6 In case we have to cancel Your reservation, we will inform You as soon as possible by email, suggesting, when and where possible, any applicable alternative.

5.7 We reserve the rights to cancel any booking for whatsoever reason, no compensations are due, except for a full refund in case Your booking was paid in advance.

5.8 By submitting a reservation You agree that late cancelations, modifications and "no show" fees, as well as any other applicable penalty, will be charged to credit card supplied during booking.

6 Child safety seat
As from EU directive 2003 / 20 / EC the followings rules apply:

6.1Children must use the correct child safety seat until they are 135cm tall or 12 years old (whichever occurs first). They must always wear an adult seatbelt. It's driver's responsibility to check if children are restrained correctly, however, there is an exemption for licensed vehicles, which can still carry children even if the correct child safety seat is not available.

6.2 Children and babies, regardless of age, with or without a child safety seat, still count towards the vehicle occupancy.

7 Excess luggage and special items
7.1 In order to ensure best service and to make sure that a car with correct size will be allocated to You, please inform us about any excess luggage or special items (oddly shaped, heavy or bigger than normal, including, but not limited to: wheelchair, scuba dive equipment, bike, stroller). You will be liable for all the incurred expenses for additional or different vehicles, required to carry the luggage not specified on the reservation form.

8 Force Majeure
8.1 Italy Airport Transfers and the Driver cannot be held liable for delays, changes or cancellation of service due to unforeseeable events beyond the Driver's control, such as accidents suffered by third parties on the transfer route, acts of terrorism, extreme weather conditions, strikes, natural disasters, police checkpoints, detours, road maintenance, normal or abnormal traffic, limits imposed to circulation of vehicles by the authorities or features of the roads.

9 Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights
9.1 Copyright, trademarks and other intellectual properties of the web site have been granted under license to Italy Airport Transfers and are protected by national and international laws on intellectual property.

9.2 Use of our web site's content by third parties for any purpose other than booking services is prohibited, including reverse-engineering, modifications, reproduction in total or in part, publication or representation of the same without the express authorization of Italy Airport Transfers