Italy Airport Transfers FAQ


How I can make a reservation?
Reservations can be safely submitted online from our home page, but just following few easy steps. You can book with confidence, as our secure environment provides highest safety.

How I can modify a reservation?
Reservation can be safely modified on-line by filling-out the provided "contact-us" module. For changes within 48 hours from scheduled pick-up time, please call the phone number provided on the reservation confirmation e-mail, to speak directly to your driver.

May a cancel a confirmed reservation?
Our cancellation policy is one of the most flexible you can find on the web. In most cases, the cancellations can be accepted without penalties up to some hours before scheduled pick-up time, please consult the Terms and Conditions page for all the details and how to correctly communicate a cancellation.


Is the price displayed per person or total per booking?
The price displayed, except where differently indicated, is always the total per reservation (therefore, to know the price per person, you have to divide the total price by the number of passengers you will indicate in the booking module).

Is the rate all inclusive or there are extras to pay?
The price displayed on the reservation confirmation e-mail is the total you will pay, regardless of traffic and deviations.

Is it necessary to give a tip to the driver?
Tipping drivers in Italy is not customary, but certainly very welcome if you would like to do so.


Why I have to pay the driver if I submitted my credit card on-line?
The credit card entered on the reservation module is used only to guarantee your reservations accordingly to Terms & Conditions and, except when agreed with customer support department, it will not be used to pay for the service under normal circumstances.

What is the latest payment deadline?
You can pay your driver by cash on the day of the transfer. For round trip reservations at discounted round-trip fare, full payment of going and return trips is requested on the day of the first transfer (if you would like separated payments, please submit two separated reservations as well, therefore voiding the round-trip discount).

Can I prepay my reservation so that nothing will be due to driver?
If you would like to pay your transfer in advance, please enter such request in the "Comment and Instructions" box of the reservation module or contact the customer support department.

Can I pay in advance by Paypal?
Paypal is accepted only for some of the trips we offer in selected cities. If Paypal is accepted for the trip you are booking, this will be displayed in the Payment/Guarantee page of the reservation module.


Can I show up at the meeting location with additional luggage not previously communicated?
We strongly recommend that you always communicate correct and accurate luggage quantity, because if the assigned vehicle doesn't have the capacity to hold all your luggage, your driver may have to cancel your trip (without any refund or compensation) as larger vehicles may not be promptly available for last-minute requests (or may be expensive, with all the added costs on your side).

Can I carry large or oddly shaped items?
Yes, please just do not forget to enter a description of such luggage in the Comments and Instructions box of the reservation module. Please be informed that additional fees may be applied (and communicated in advance) if the specified luggage requires a larger vehicle, racks, loading platforms, etc.


Where I will meet the driver exactly?
Please find detailed meeting point location details in the reservation confirmation e-mail (for airport transfers the meeting point is usually after the luggage claim hall, for hotel transfers the meeting point is usually outside the front door of the hotel).

My flight is delayed, what I have to do?
Your driver will monitor the flight provided on the reservation module constantly and will re-schedule your transfer at no additional cost if the flight will be delayed.

My flight has been cancelled, what I have to do?
Please call the number provided on the reservation confirmation e-mail promptly, to communicate new arrival details.


Can I share the vehicle with other people?
We do not organize shared transfers or collective taxis. The service we provide is always private and shared only with the passengers you indicate in the reservation module.

Will you provide child safety seats?
Child safety seats are usually provided free of charge. They may not be guaranteed if the country where you are travelling doesn't require by the laws to use such equipment.