Hike and drive in the autumn landscape

October 2002 

Today, my foliage trip in Vermont continues with a beautiful hike to a waterfall not too far from the lodge, before driving from Killington to Londonderry, to discover more autumn scenery.

Hike in the meadows Hike in the meadows

This morning I decide to hike to the waterfalls. They are located at about one hour walk each way from the lodge. I hike in the meadows, over wonderful carpets of multi-colored leaves.
Waterfall Waterfall

Finally, I arrive at the waterfalls, they are nice and I spend a lot of time taking several pictures. The foggy effect on the water can be obtained using long exposure times (4 seconds and more) but a tripod is required each time and the rainy weather adds some complication...
Foliage tour in Vermont
Foliage tour in Vermont

In the afternoon, I continue my trip by car south to Londonderry. This is route 4 between Killington and route 100 junction
Liquidambar tree
Route 100A near Plymouth
Near Ludow, Vermont

Misty and foggy on route 100 north of Ludow.
Maple trees
The colors reflected in the water are so intense that it is almost difficult to understand what is the image and what is the reflection !
Maple trees in autumn
Other pictures taken while going back to Killington.
The beautiful lake near my lodge.

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