En route from Addis Ababa towards the Danakil desert in northern Ethiopia

December 25-26-27, 2010 

Danakil is a remote region which can be reached from Addis Ababa by driving along a paved road for a couple of days. Along the way, we take the opportunity to visit the interesting markets of Senbete and Bati, a crossroads of different cultures and ethnic groups, where people sell, buy and exchange everything ... from a pair of slippers to a camel.

Addis Ababa Addis Ababa - Ethiopia

The journey to Danakil starts from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's capital, a city placed at an average latitude of 2500 meters. The first day is spent purchaseing part of the food needed for the expedition to the Danakil desert and preparing the equipment.
Ethiopia countryside Farms in Ethiopia

The next day we start early in the morning from Addis Ababa, driving to the north, along the paved road that heads towards the town of Kombolcha. The road crosses mountains and valleys at elevations between 2000 and 3000 meters, where there are numerous farms.
Senbete market
The group reaches Senbete town, for the visit to the interesting Senbete market held every Sunday, where different ethnic groups, such as the Oromos, the Afar and Amhara, meet all together to buy, sell or exchange any type of goods.
Market in Senbete Senbete
Women in Ethiopia

Senbete market pictures from Ethiopia. The women wear colorful clothes.
Senbete - Ethiopia
Camel trading Camel market
Cattle trading

In the vast and chaotic Senbete market, there is an area designed to trade animals, especially camels (the average cost is equivalent to approximately 400 Euros), cattles and donkeys.
People and animals washing in a stream at the edge of Senbete market.
Hut in Ethiopia
The journey continues north, crossing mountains, valleys and small towns made up of very humble homes (just little more than huts).
Bati market Bati market in Ethiopia
Market in Bati Market in Ethiopia
After an overnight Kombolcha, we visit the Bati market, the second biggest market in Ethiopia after the one in Addis Ababa, which is held every Monday. Here, like in Senbete, people belonging to different ethnic groups merge all together to sell, buy and exchange things. The market is huge, chaotic and covers an entire hillside. It is one of the most interesting market in Africa.
Tailors at work Selling legumes and pasta
Tailors at work and women selling seeds and pasta.
Selling cereals
A Bati market area dedicated to cereals, whose seeds are scattered on the ground amid the dust raised by walking people and animals .
Birr Ethiopia
Selling cereals for just a few Birr (Ethiopia's national currency)
Woman in Ethiopia Clothes in Ethiopia
Clothing in Ethiopia
Other Bati market pictures. Photos of women in their colorful clothes.
Market in Ethiopia Ethiopian market
A Bati market area dedicated to vegetables and spices.
Like in most other african markets, of course, there is an area to trade animals.

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