Tour to Wadi es Sebua and Kalabsha temples from ancient Nubia in Egypt

December 23rd and 24th, 2009 

Today we visit the beautiful temple of Wadi es Sebua, in the middle of Sahara desert, dedicated to Ramesses II. The ship arrives in Aswan the following day where, just before the High Dam, there are the relocated temples of Kalabasha and Beit El Wali.

Wadi es Sebua
Sphynx at Wadi es Sebua - Egypt
Pictures of the pharaonic temple of Wadi es Sebua. As for the other temples located in southern Egypt, or Nubia, it was relocated here to save it from Nasser lake 's waters.
Sphynx with traditional lion head or lion and hawk.
Sphynx with hawk head
Hawk headed sphynx.
Wadi es Sebua temple Painting from ancient Egypt
Painting from ancient Egypt Painting from ancient Egypt
Sacred room (Sanctuary) Wadi es Sebua temple
Wadi es Sebua temple

Inside the Wadi es Sebua temple and the sanctuary (sacred room). The paintings explain the social, political and religious life of the ancient egyptians.
Wadi es Sebua
Outside the Wadi es Sebua temple, camels wait to transfer tourists to the next site, about one kilometer away. But, I prefer to walk to better enjoy the beautiful Sahara landscape all around.
Dakka temple Dakka temple
Dakka temple Dakka temple
Dakka temple

Pictures of Dakka temple, started by king Ergamenes and completed on 205 b.b. by Ptolemy IV Philopator.
Sahara desert Sahara desert
Lake Nasser in Egypt Nasser lake in Egypt
Sahara desert

Pictures of Sahara desert and lake Nasser, where the archaeological complex of Wadi el Sebua is located.
Maharraqa Maharraka

Maharraqa (or Maharraka, or Muharraka) is a building made by romans (or, perhaps, just modified by romans) during their Egypt domination.
Nasser lake just before the High Dam
The next day, the cruise ship reaches the "end of the world", where lake Nasser finishes, blocked by Aswan High Dam.
Kalabsha temple Qertassi kiosk
Just before the High Dam, there is the Kalabsha temple (left picture), originally placed about 66 kilometers away, and the Qertassi kiosk (right picture).
Kalabsha temple Kalabsha temple
Kalabsha temple

Pictures of Kalabsha temple, built by XVIII dynasty, but heavily modified by romans during their domination of Egypt.
Purification ceremony Sanctuary
Left picture: representation of purification ceremony, before entering the sacred temple. Right picture: the sanctuary, or sacred room.
The Beit el Wali temple was re-positioned near Kalabsha temple. In this relif, along the temple's entrance, there is Ramesses II who is symbolically killing enemies (Nubians) by his horse.
Beit el Wali temple Beit el Wali temple
Beit el Wali temple Beit el Wali temple
Pictures of Beit el Wali temple, with the sanctuary and paintings.
Ramesses II killing an enemy
This painting shows Ramesses II killing an enemy.
Bats Bat
Nice bats below the temple's roof.
Birds on sunset
Sunset on lake Nasser.

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