Lake Nasser cruise to Amada and Derr temples. Visit to Pennut tomb.

December 22nd, 2009 

The cruise ship continues to navigate the lake Nasser waters, passing near the ruins of Qasr Ibrim, before stopping at Aniba where a tour of Ramesses II's Amada and Derr temples, as well as the Pennut's tomb, is planned.

Qasr Ibrim, Egypt Kasr Ibrim, Egypt
Qasr Ibrim, Egypt

A few hours of navigation after Abu Simbel, there are the ruins of Qasr Ibrim (known also as Kasr Ibrim). This is a fortress built by Romans during their domination.
Nasser lake
Early in the afternoon the MS Eugenie ship reaches Aniba site (or Miam Aniba), where there are the rebuilt temples of Amada, Derr and Pennut tomb.
Egypt Egypt
All around, the Sahara desert with the beautiful orange sand dunes.
Amada temple
The Amada temple, of Ramesses II, was moved here from a site distant about 2.5 kilometers and was lifted for about 60 meters to save it from the waters of lake Nasser. The external parts of the temple were just cut into pieces and transported, but for the internal room, having a total surface of about 25x10 meters, this wasn't possible because the walls are covered by gypsum having beautiful color paitings. As the gypsum would be damaged by cutting the walls into blocks, the entire rooms were put over three parallel railways and dragged away.
Amada temple, Egypt geoglyph
Egyptian paintings Ancient Egypt painting
Amada temple Amada templeon lake Nasser

Amada temple pictures. Pictures of the beautiful rooms inside Amada temple, with many paintings still having the original colours. This is one of the best preserved examples of the arts during the XVIII dynasty.
Derr temple Derr temple
The tour continues with a visit of Derr temple, originally carved into the rock by Ramesses II, and then moved here before the Nasser lake would submerge it. Unfortunately the external columns are gone, but the internal room are still quite well preserved (although not well like Amada temple).
Derr temple
The internal structure of the temple, having a centrall hall with a beautiful columnade, allowing the access to several lateral rooms and a sanctuary.
Derr temple
Derr temple
Derr temple
Derr temple
Pictures of the painting inside Derr temple. Derr temple pictures.
Pennut tomb Egyptian Sahara
A short path connects the Amada and Derr temples to the tomb of pennut, built below the hill at the end of the road. All around, the beautiful Sahara desert.
Pennut tomb in Egypt Pennut tomb in Egypt
Pennut tomb in Egypt

Inside the Pennut tomb.
Back on the cruise ship for a rest and then for the dinner.

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