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July 5, 2011 

A Legoland trip is particularly interesting for families visiting Denmark. The excursion to Legoland can be easily planned also as just a day tour from Copenhagen, taking advance from one of the several flights to Billund available daily. A trip to Legoland will show you a fantastic virtual world built by using millions of Lego bricks.

Legoland entrance
During a weekend in Denmark, especially if traveling with children, a day tour to Legoland from Copenhagen may be an interesting option, taking advance from one of the several flights to Billund. Legoland is located very close to Billund airport and such distance can be easily covered just on foot. For those interested in extending their stay in Billung, there are a number of hotels conveniently located within walking distance to Legoland.
Lego clock
Lego train

Legoland pictures. At the entrance of the park, you can hop on a train that allows you to do a quick tour of Legoland.
Lego Billund airport Legoland
Lego aircraft Lego Airbus
Pictures of Legoland. In these photos of Legoland, we see the reproduction of Billund airport in Denmark. Aircrafts and ground vehicles are animated and they moves along predetermined routes. Indeed, some engineers regularly walk close to the aircrafts, simulating engine maintenance.
Lego building Lego buildings
Lego Amsterdam Legoland in Billund
Lego trains Lego boat
Legoland photos. In Legoland, entire famous cities are reproduced using hundreds of thousands of Lego bricks. The care taken in creating these works is absolutely manical, with every detail faithfully reproduced. In these Legoland photos you can see a reproduction and Amsterdam and The Netherlands countryside.
Copenhagen made by Lego Lego miniature
Picture of Legoland. A tour to Legoland is very interesting because it offers the possibility to admire in a short space many European capitals faithfully reconstructed by millions of Lego pieces. In these lego pictures we can see in the Copenhagen Ny Havn.
Lego Nyhavn
A Legoland picture showing the Copenhagen Ny havn in Lego bricks version (left picture), beside the actual photo taken a few days before in Copenhagen (right picture).
Legoland in Denmark Bergen made by Lego
Our Legoland tour continues exploring Bergen (Norway), reproduced using 2 millions of Lego bricks.
Denmark Legoland Billund Legoland
Legoland in Billund (Denmark)

Legoland photo showing more reconstructed cities. For a full trip to Legoland, you should plan some hour, just to admire all the Lego constructions.
Lego castle
Lego picture showing a castle from Scotland.
Lego buildings Lego bricks
Lego pieces Lego models
In these Lego photos you can see the care taken to rebuild every detail using Lego bricks.
Lego palace Lego house
Unfortunately the photos cannot do justice to the great care taken in building these Lego models, that are animated also. In this picture, a ship that is about to be launched.
Train made by Lego Lego trucks
Lego bricks Lego ship
Lego buildings Lego truck
Other Lego constructions depicting various means of transport.
Lego oil rig Lego helicopter

An oil rig completely reproduced with Lego bricks.

In Legoland you can do a safari between african animals all built by Lego pieces.
Lego tractor Lego farm
Lego cows

In these images we see instead a farm, with lots of animals in slow motion.
Lego statue of Liberty
Lego white house

A section of Legoland park is dedicated to several American symbols, such as the Statue of Liberty and the White House.
Lego Los Angeles
Lego hollywood

Here we have instead a reproduction of Los Angeles downtown and the Hollywood studios, all built with Lego bricks.
Lego sculpture

Other giant Lego constructions.
In Legoland Park there is also a section dedicated to diving, where there are some tropical fishes.

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