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Copenhagen has the aspect of a modern European city and most of the attractions are concentrated in central areas easily accessible on foot or by public transport. The main attractions in Copenhagen include:

  • Nyhavn, the picturesque old harbor often represented in the most characteristic images of Copenhagen
  • Tivoli Gardens, the largest amusement park among the oldest in Europe
  • Rosenborg Palace, the ancient castle used as residence of the royal family until 1720 which also houses a small museum with various collections
  • Botanical Garden of Copenhagen, which collects plants from every corner of the planet , some of which are rare and housed in large greenhouses
  • Little Mermaid statue, bronze statue located on the harbor and the city's symbol

This is just a short example of what you can do in Copenhagen. During my numerous trips around the world, I had the opportunity to visit Denmark several times, taking advantage of spare time between connecting flights in Kastrup airport, especially for the flight going to and coming from Greenland, which often requires at least an overnight stay in Copenhagen. Short tours in Copenhagen are also possible if you have relatively few hours between a flight and the next, since the city is conveniently connected to Kastrup airport by fast and frequently running trains. During the many transits through Copenhagen airport, I had also the opportunity to have a day tour to Legoland in Billund, the famous theme park built entirely by Lego bricks (Legoland in Billund requires about 45 minutes flight from Copenhagen and a short walk from Billund airport).


A trip in Denmark will probably start from Copenhagen Kastrup airport (CPH), conveniently connected to Copenhagen downtown by a train which provides service to Malmo as well. However, if your hotel is located far away from central station, you may consider to make a taxi reservation for a transfer to Copehnagen from airport by private vehicle, which is particularly convenient if you are traveling in a group or with family, and may cost less than grabbing a taxi once at the airport.


If you have a spare day or two in Copenhagen (or Denmark) then do not miss a tour of Legoland theme park, built entirely with Lego bricks . The Denmark Legoland is located in Billund, about 45-minute flight from Copenhagen. Many flights are available daily, making possible to get to Legoland in the morning and return to Copenhagen in the evening, or alternatively, you can stay in Billund for one or more nights. Legoland is located very close to Billund airport and the distance is walkable in a few minutes, making the park ideal for those who do not have much time.

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Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen Day tour to Copenhagen with excursion to Tivoli Gardens <<-- GO
Short trip to Copenhagen in Denmark visiting the city on the classic double-decker tour bus. Excursion to Tivoli Gardens, the famous amusement park in Copenhagen founded in 1843 and the oldest theme park in Europe.
Denmark Legoland Trip to Legoland in Denmark and pictures of Billund Legoland <<-- GO
Tour to Legoland in Billund, Denmark, the famous theme park built by Lego bricks and close to the Lego factory itself. A tour to Legoland lets to enjoy wonderful Lego constructions reproducing various cities around the world, all built by using millions of Lego pieces.
Copenhagen Nyhavn Weekend to Copenhagen and pictures of Copenhagen <<-- GO
Tour of Copenhagen with a visit to the picturesque Nyhavn, the botanical gardens which contains hundreds of rare plants from around the world, the summer residence of King Christian IV and the adjacent interesting museum.
Copenhagen Short trips to Copenhagen waiting for connecting flights <<-- GO
Short hikes in Copenhagen while waiting for connecting flights. The Copenhagen downtown is connected to Kastrup airport by an efficient train that takes only a few minutes and runs very frequently all day, making possible to do a short stroll in the city between one flight and the next.

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