Aitutaki excursions: Honeymoon Island

August 24th, 2018 

Honeymoon Island and nearby Maine Island are the perfect deserted islands, in a magnificent setting among some of the most beautiful in the Pacific Ocean. If you are in Aitutaki, organizing a Robinson Crusoe picnic on these uninhabited islands is not difficult.


Honeymoon Island is an uninhabited island in the lagoon of Aitutaki, about a 15-minute boat ride from Arutanga port (on the main island). It consists of a strip of sand about half a kilometer long, whose actual length and width depend on tide (it will be much larger at low tide and smaller at high tide). This sandbank leads to the actual beach, a huge expanse of white and soft sand, which surrounds a small palm grove. Crystal clear turquoise waters, warm and very calm, extend to the horizon in all directions.

From Honeymoon Island, guests can get to Maine Island either on foot during low tide (walking in shallow waters) or swimming in high tide. Compared to Honeymoon Island, Maine Island is larger, has more vegetation and is closer to Aitutaki's outer reef. Both islands are populated by colonies of tropic birds, picturesque birds with a beautiful red or white tail, nesting directly on the ground. Depending on season, lot of chicks can be observed at various stages of growth, with parents bringing food after having recognized them by voice calls.

The Honeymoon Island excursion (as well as the excursion to Maine Island) can be organized directly with the facility where you stay in Aitutaki, taking care to make the request well in advance, better if after having checked the weather forecasts for the next days. Most operators provide the excursion to Honeymoon Island by private water taxi, with the possibility of buying a packed lunch, alternatively food and drinks can be brought by your own. Once dropped on Honeymoon or Maine island, guests will agree the pick-up time and location for the return trip. The place is so beautiful and charming, that we advise to stay all day. Also, since guests can choose to be dropped on either Honeymoon Island or Maine Island, it would not be a bad idea to book a full day trip for each island.

Although in most cases you can enjoy Honeymoon Island or Maine Island in complete solitude for at least part of the day, we should not forget that such places are becoming more and more popular, so the experience of being completely alone to have a picnic on a desert island, without anybody else, it's not completely guaranteed. Visitors should be also aware that on Honeymoon Island there is a small logistic base for kitesurfing enthusiasts (although well hidden among the palms) so it's better to make sure to avoid Honeymoon Island where there is some planned training course or competition.

But now let's see some Honeymoon Island photos and Maine Island photos.

Lagoon of Aitutaki Island in Aitutaki lagoon
Honeymoon Island Maine Island
Island Maine
Island Honeymoon Bank of sand
Sandbank Water taxi
Tropical paradise Sandbanks
Getting to Honeymoon Island by water taxi from Aitutaki, the small boat stops along an half-kilometer long sandbank, which allows access to the actual island after a pleasant walk barefoot. However, we first agree the pick-up time and location with the water taxi driver, before he goes back to Aitutaki mainland, leaving us here almost alone. Some tourists who visit Honeymoon Island, do it by group tours that provide just a short morning break. Instead, using a private taxi service, guests can stay as long as they like, finding themselves alone for most of the time (especially from late morning onwards).
Huge beach Honeymoon and Maine
White sand beach Coralline beach
Aitutaki Honeymoon Aitutaki
Cook Islands Tropical sea
Tropical islands
South Pacific islands Crystal clear sea
Honeymoon Aitutaki Uninhabited islands
Honeymoon Island
Photos of Maine Island and photos of Honeymoon Island, with the huge expanses of sandbanks and the vast turquoise lagoon that will keep you busy exploring this paradise for all day.
Tropic birds Tropic bird
Young tropic bird Tropic bird chick
Honeymoon Island and Maine Island are home to a large colony of red-tailed tropic birds. These beautiful birds nest directly on the ground and in these photos we can see some adults flying over the sea in search of food, as well as chicks of different stages of growth and their parents.
Kitesurfing Aitutaki
Unfortunately Honeymoon Island is a base for Kitesurfing enthusiasts who can come here to practice this sport, or to participate in real international competitions. It is therefore better to plan the excursion to Honeymoon Island only when you are sure that there are no kitesurfers around (you can ask this information to the water taxi operator or to the agent where you are booking the day trip).
Maine Island Deserted island
Deserted islands Swimming in the lagoon
Uninhabited island Deserted island excursion
Aitutaki excursion Aitutaki day tour
Pacific ocean
Aitutaki Cook Islands Sand tongue
Perfect island Tropical beaches
Vegetation on Pacific Ocean islands Postcard beach
Cook Islands
Most beautiful place of South Pacific South Pacific
Tropical postcard
World´s most beautiful islands
Most beautiful place in Pacific Ocean Natural pool
More photos of Honeymoon Island and Maine Island with their vast sandbanks, the immense beaches and the fantastic lagoon.
Hermit crab
Bye bye Honeymoon Island, the water taxi is coming to take us back to Aitutaki main island.

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