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You are always welcome with questions, but before contacting me, please consider the points below:

- I'm not a travel agent and I do not organize tours

- The purpose of this website is to share the pictures and some information about the places that I visit

- If you are interested in a trip presented into this website and you would like to book a similar one, please consult carefully the trip's homepage, as I frequently write information about contacts on place, available travel agents, how to get there, useful links and, sometimes, also how to survive in the environment and how to take pictures safely. If you don't see this information in the trip's homepage, it means that I don't have it, so I would be unable to help. To book flights and tours or to know more about the destination that you would like to visit, please consult your travel agent or use Internet search engines

I've read the above note, but I still have a question:
please contact Luciano Napolitano -


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