Excursions to Meteor Crater and Painted Desert

September 1993 

Arizona - Trip to Arizona Meteor Crater, crossing Painted Desert, a desert so called because of the many rocks and sands showing different colors.

Meteor Crater, Arizona

A view of Meteor Crater, created by a collision with a meteor.

Meteor Crater, Arizona Meteor Crater, Arizona
50.000 years ago, a huge iron/nikel meteor, falling at a speed of about 64000 Km/h, impacted with the Earth on a plain in northen Arizona, with an explosive power greater than 20 million of tons of dynamite. It is estimated that the meteor was about 45 meters large, with a weight of several hundreds of tons. Altough it was so "small", the violence of the impact has created a crater 215 meters deep and 1200 meters in diameter.
Painted desert, Arizona Painted desert, Arizona
Painted desert, Arizona

We then cross Painted Desert in late evening. As the name itself tells, the colors of the ground are amazing, sometimes they seem man-made !

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