A night in Las Vegas

September 1993 

Nevada - Short visit to Las Vegas, hiking in the city at night, between theme casinos, known to be the Entertainment Capital of the World.

Flamingo Hilton Las Vegas Mirage, Las Vegas
On the left, the Flamingo Hilton hotel and casino. On the right, the Mirage with the artificial volcano erupting every 15 minutes.
Dunes, Las Vegas Cesar Palace, Las Vegas
On the left, the Dunes (will be demolished a few months later) and the Cesar Palace on the right.
Stardust, Las Vegas
Picture of The Stardust hotel and Casino, demolished a few years later.
Stardust, Las Vegas
Circus Circus, Las Vegas
Photos of Circus Circus and Riviera casinos in Las Vegas.
Riviera, Las Vegas

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