Crossing Death Valley by car

September 1993 

California - photos of the Death Valley, an area in south-eastern California, interesting for the extremely arid landscape, dominated by a dried salt lake located below the sea level. A stop in Zabrisky point lets to appreciate the beauty of one of the world's hottest place.

The tourist sign at Death Valley National Park's entrance.
Death Valley, California Death Valley, California
Death Valley, California
A view of the old salt lakeon the floor of Death Valley. Most of the salt is located at an altitude below sea level.
Death Valley is one of the world's warmest and driest place.
Bad Waters, California

On the left / right... it looks like snow, but it is salt and the today temperature is +37°C. In the center: Bad Water, so called because the water inside there contains much more salt than the sea's water.
Zabrisky Point
Zabrisky Point, a place where world's highest temperature were recorded.
Some instructions about how to survive in Death Valley's summer hot weather.
Death Valley, sand dunes
Death Valley, sand dunes

Photos of beautiful sand dunes around the Death Valley.

Death Valley, sand dunes

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