Northen Studies Centre and hike in Churchill

October 2002 

After some additional short tundra buggy tour searching for polar bears, the group is transported back to Churchill before a visit to the Northen Studies Centre and a short dog sledge tour.

Today we get up and leave the lodge very early, heading to the Northen Studies Centre and then back to Churchill. The sunrise at 8:00am is spectacular.
A buggy crosses a pond and soon our buggy will do the same.
Dogsledge in churchill Dogsledge in churchill
Dog sled in Churchill Dog sled in Churchill
At the Northen Studies Centre we assist to a nice slide presentation about an Anterctica / South Pole expedition by dog sleds and then we enjoy a short tour conducted by professional drivers.
Lazy Bear lodge, Churchill Lazy Bear lodge, Churchill
Lazy Bear lodge, Churchill Lazy Bear lodge, Churchill
We soon arrive at the Lazy Bear Lodge and Cafe for the lunch.
Polar bear alert Totem pole
Later in the afternoon, I take a city tour on my own. Polar bear warning signs are all around the beaches on the bay.
The beach around Churchill.
Churchill, Manitoba Churchill railway station
Today is a beautiful sunny day, with no wind and without a single cloud in the sky. I continue to take pictures of the typical streets and homes of Churchill, the railway station,, before heading back to the airport for the evening flight to Winnipeg and say goodbye to this wonderful northen frontier.

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