Polar bear safari tour along the shores of Hudson Bay

October 2002 

The polar bear photography tour continues aboard the tundra buggy near Churchill in Manitoba (Canada). In addition to polar bears, the area offers also lot of polar foxes, arctic ptamarans and arctic hares, for excellent photo opportunities.

Early in the morning we get a lot of freezing fog and occasional light snow showers.
Freezing fog
A weak sun seen through the freezing fog.
White bear
White bear
The polar bear safari tour continues. A white bear bear gets very close to the Tundra Buggy.
He analyzes the air all around...
Polar bear Polar bear
...and then... he stands on foot to look inside the Tundra Buggy. Unfortunately my primary camera was out of film and I had to use an emergency compact camera, featuring a lower quality.
Polar fox Polar fox
Polar fox Polar fox
Again, we continue to spot a lot of polar foxes...

... as well as many more bears.
Arctic hare
A white arctic hare under an heavy snow shower.
Arctic Ptamarans Arctic Ptamarans
Arctic Ptamarans Arctic Ptamarans
Arctic Ptamarans... it is often very difficult to locate them because of the camouflage with the snow.
Another arctic fox.
The taiga under thick clouds.
A bear approaches the lodge... he want to see inside the windows...

...soon, he walks away...
Lazy polar bear
Lazy polar bear

Then, from the resturant's windows, we assist to the exibitions of two very lazy Polar bears.

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